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The 36' Navy Seal Assault boat run by Wild Hawaii Ocean Adventures is truly a unique vessel on the Kona Coast. Taking a maximum of 8 to 12 passengers, depending on the specific tour. They offer a four hour tour up the coastline to remote locations that will only be privately visited by this vessel, and also a two hour tour that will take you all the way down the coast to Capt. Cooks Monument for snorkeling at this famous underwater marine reserve. The four hour tour will first take you to a remote location to snorkel, but then will visit the dolphins or whales in season in the open ocean. The Cook's Monument tour will give you a scorching ride down the coast with plenty of time to enjoy the reserve, and still get back in only two hours. The assault vessel run by Wild Hawaii Ocean Adventures is so maneuverable and so fast that it will leave other boats in its wake. Hold on, you're in for a "wild" ride!

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Ride a real Navy Special Warfare assault boat. This is a fast adventure boat ride and snorkel trip to remote and secluded areas of the Kona coast and may include some close encounters with animals.

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Ride a REAL Navy SEAL assault boat on this ocean adventure to famous Captain Cook's monument in Kealakekua Bay. Your destination is a short trip on this fast boat which means you'll have more time to snorkel in the calm warm waters of this top marine preserve.

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