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The Waipio Ridge Stables offers scenic horseback riding tours into the amazing Waipio Valley. Waipio is certainly one of the most beautiful and breathtaking valleys to be found anywhere in Hawaii. The valley is considered so special and sacred that it has been a restricted area to the public for many years. Even today, helicopters and air tours are not allowed to fly over it. Horseback riding in small groups with Waipio Ridge Stables affords participants a spectacular horseback adventure, but also provides a ride into one of the most sacred and spiritual locations known to the ancient Hawaiians. Two rides are available. One is a 2.5 hour "Rim Ride," which tours the valley from its ridge perimeter. The other is a 5 hour tour, which will culminate in clear view of one of Hawaii's largest waterfalls, Hi'ilawe Falls. Here, you will have the opportunity to swim and picnic in the most romantic setting at a remote and peaceful private waterfall. You'll marvel at this remarkable setting, which is for all intents and purposes 'unchanged' for hundreds of years.

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This tour is perfect for the more seasoned rider. Ride, swim and picnic on this ultimate waterfall experience. This ride takes you along the rim of the valley and continues back next to the stream that feeds the spectacular H'iilawe Falls.

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Journey along the rim of Waipi'o Valley to the top of Hi'ilawe, one of Hawaii's highest and most beautiful waterfalls. Ride from historic Kukuihaele Village through former sugar cane fields and present day taro patches to a series of spectacular views accessible only on horseback.

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