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Located in the hills above the Wailea Resort ,Wailea Massage and Body Care offers a wide selection of treatments which include deep pore cleansing facials, deep therapeutic massage, herbal body contour wraps, massages just for men with hot stone treatments, sound healing, quantum healing with energetic body scans, somatic massages designed to work on specific problem areas of the body, teen massages which are educational in nature for teenagers, couples massages and massages designed for those who have been burned by "too much Maui sun".

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$200.00 - $400.00

The Signature Treatment our very own Piihanakalani Special includes a massage, facial and body wrap.

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$182.00 - $400.00

This special massage for two is ideal for you and your spouse, friend, or family member. Enjoy a 55 or 85 minute massage or indulge in a combo of facial and massage or body wrap.

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$160.00 - $170.00

Enjoy two full treatments, a body wrap and a facial, or body wrap with massage for 85 minutes.

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$105.00 - $160.00

<u>Deep Pore Cleansing Facial</u> - 55 minutes of individualized skin analysis, dead cell removal, deep pore steam cleaning, herbal mask, aromatherapy, hand and foot massage.

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$95.00 - $145.00

Come and unwind, enjoy a 55 or 85 minute massage. This is the perfect way to start your vacation.

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Our inch loss and contour wrap is healthful and relaxing. 23 minerals and herbs are combined into an aromatic cream and applied to stimulate circulation and lymphatic release of cellulite-producing toxins.

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