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Now if you really want to go exclusive, here's your chance. Tradewind Charters offers fantastic private tours for your special occasion. They do weddings and renewals at sea, bachelor and bachelorette parties, mimosa sunrise cruises, sunset dinner sails, sailing lessons, overnight and Inter-Island Cruises, Honeymooner's Fireworks Cruise and just about anything you can make up on your own. All cruises are on a private basis so you're guaranteed to be partying exclusively with your own group of friends and acquaintances. Many amenities can be added to your choice of cruises including stretch limousine service to the boat, special buffet dinners and even adult entertainment. You think it up and we'll make it happen with Tradewind Charters.

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This sail is perfect for visitors with a desire for real sailing in a private setting. Departure from Honolulu permits guests to enjoy the beauty and excitement of blue water sailing year round, while taking the helm if desired.

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This sail is ideal for the romantic couple who is up at dawn due to time zone changes. Enjoy the brilliant colors of a sunrise at sea from the deck of the Love Boat.

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