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Certainly one of the longest running, most respected, popular and well received 'dolphin swim' companies available to charter off the coast of Kona on the Big Island is, 'Sunlight on Water'. This company with the unusual name, has been created with the life blood and effort of Micheal and Melaniah Yee. Michael, who is more well known as 'China', has been taking people out to enjoy the dolphins for many years. He knows their patterns very well and he knows where to find them. The last time we enjoyed this tour he informed us that in the past 12 months prior to that date there were only two occasions when he was unable to find them, which is remarkable because his vessel goes out every day. Finding them is only one part, but the more amazing part is that he is also able to give the dolphins an opportunity to choose to swim with the people he brings out on tour. He is uncanny in being able to arrange this introduction of sorts and on the day we went we were able to swim with the dolphins at four different locations on the morning tour. Keep in mind that I used the word 'introduction'. China does not drop you in the middle of a pod. On the contrary, he gently works his way on the periphery of their location and allows people to enter the water. If the dolphins choose to come over to play it is their choice. So well does he understand the psyche of these amazing marine mammals that this almost always comes to pass. In addition to the dolphin swim, Sunlight on Water also offers fantastic Manta Ray swims in the evenings which are every bit as exciting.

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Sometimes referred to as the butterflies of the sea, these graceful animals are a sight that must be seen in person. Manta rays are beautiful sea creatures that live in warm tropical waters.

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Your journey will start with a Hawaiian ceremony to greet the day, then it's off to the adventure of a lifetime-- a morning swim with the dolphins.

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Cruise along the Kona coastline to the sacred waters of Kealakekua Bay, where you will immerse yourself in the wildlife. Your Captain and crew will point out places of interest and you might even see the Hawaiian Spinner Dolphins along the way.

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