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"One of the most well known dive shops on Kauai, Seasport Divers, has locations in both Poipu and Kapaa. Seasport Divers offers a full selection of diving options from beginner through advanced and offers a wide selection of dive location options which may be dependent upon weather and wave conditions at a particular time of year. In October of 2006 Seasport Divers was voted the #1 dive operation on Kauai by the readers of Scuba Diving magazine. The list of available options offered by Seasport is very large but perhaps not when viewed in the perspective of it being a full service dive shop with multiple locations. The boats they use on their charters are first-rate dive boats and seaworthy enough to even travel the eighteen miles between the island of Kauai and the neighboring islands of Niihau and its sister island Lehua. Their basic ""bread and butter"" tours however are probably their morning two-tank certified dives which travel to dive locations with such exotic names as Brennecke's Ledge, Ice Box, Fastlanes, General Store and Sheraton Caverns. These dives don't require that you be an expert or an extremely experienced diver but they do require some experience on your behalf. The first of the two dives may go as deep as ninety feet so you will probably be asked to stop your assent at the fifteen-foot level for three or four minutes as a safety stop before proceeding upward. The second dive may be as deep as seventy feet so you can see that you will be having two very solid and interesting dives. Don't feel however that experienced divers are the only divers catered to by Seasport Divers as they offer afternoon dives that take both first time divers and certified divers that have not been diving in some time. These are also two-tank dives which are wonderful for the inexperienced, especially the first time divers. Your first dive is usually, and understandably, full of trepidation and self doubt as you first experience this brand new activity but by the second dive you are now comfortable in the water and really able to enjoy the views and the total underwater experience in a manner that was probably your intention for diving in the first place."

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$187.90 - $445.90

Get your open water full certification in just 3 days. This course includes the use of all gear, books and a photo. Group or private lessons are available.

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Come to Kaua'i during the calmer time of the year, which runs from late spring to early autumn (May through September), and experience some of Hawaii's most spectacular scuba diving at the island of Ni'ihau.

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$65.90 - $165.90

This afternoon tour takes new divers, divers that haven't been diving for a while and first time divers who are in the Discover Scuba Diving program.

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Enjoy a Wednesday night charter to see the Sheraton Caverns. This is a two tank boat dive for certified, experienced divers only.

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$87.90 - $137.90

This tour is open to certified divers and intro divers who have already experienced the free beginning pool lesson. This dive is good for beginners and those who haven't been diving in a while and need a refresher.

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This two tank trip is for experienced divers. You don't have to be an expert, but sometimes we do a drift dive in the morning, so good buoyancy control is necessary to perform a safety stop, hovering at 15 feet for 3 minutes.

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