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Waipi'o Valley, as sacred today as it is in legend .....Let guides take you on a journey through time, immersing you in the history of this extraordinary place known as the "Valley of the Kings". Learn about what was once the political and economic epicenter of Ancient Hawaii, how agriculture was an intricate part of a thriving society that allowed Hawaiian spirituality, virtues, and a community to prosper. Ride the former Royal lands above the Valley, which was frequented by Ali'i (Hawaiian Royalty). Learn about aquatic species that are indigenous to this sacred area, native plants that were used for medicinal purposes and kal (taro) who's lineage is as dep as humanity. Your guides will share stories passed down to them from their Kupuna (elders), and personal experiences about growing up in this unscathed place. Our Kumu (Hawaiian Teacher) and Director of Cultural Affairs, will captivate you with the legends and lore of Old Hawaii, leaving you with an incredible appreciation of our host, Waipi'o.

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The ATV tours on the Big Island are among the most adventurous of the outdoor tours and activities available in Hawaii. The Big Island of Hawaii is the original site of the very first four- wheel ATV tours in the state, and that's not by accident.

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If you are coming to the "Big Island" of Hawaii on a cruise ship then you need to make sure you browse our cruise ship category before you make any reservations for activities during shore leave.

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The Big Island of Hawaii is the largest island in the State of Hawaii and has more areas to visit on a sightseeing tour than other islands. One of the most dynamic of the Big Island of Hawaii tours are the land tours taking you Hawaii Volcanoes National Park where you can often see lava close up.

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Some tours and activities are simply unique to the Big Island of Hawaii and cannot be experienced anywhere else. These include tours to the summit of Mauna Kea, guided hikes into the Volcanoes National Park, horseback riding on the Parker Ranch and "night snorkeling" off the coast of Kona.

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