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Parker Ranch Hunt Club

The Parker Ranch is the second largest ranch in the United States only surpassed by the King Ranch in Texas. It's thousands of acres in land area vary greatly in diversity covering areas from sea level to as high as 8000'. They offer a wide variety of hunting opportunities throughout the ranch including 'big game' searching for wild boar and goats, turkey shooting and upland game bird hunting. There is ample game for the taking on each of the hunts and there are great varieties of game, particularly in the bird hunting category, which will include: Ring-necked Pheasants, Chuckars, Francolins, Sandgrouse, Kalij Pheasant, Spotted Dove and California and Japanese Quail. The Parker Ranch provides professional guides on all its hunts, all of whom have extensive hunting experience. Hunting here is a world class experience and these hunts have been featured on ESPN, Pointing Dog Journal, Wing and Shot, Shooting Sportsman, and various sporting clays and hunting report magazines.

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Parker ranch is a highlight of the Big Island of Hawaii. Founded by John Parker, a New Englander who jumped ship on the Big Island, it is the largest private ranch under single ownership in the United States and a home of the legendary Paniolo or Hawaiian cowboys.

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Some tours and activities are simply unique to the Big Island of Hawaii and cannot be experienced anywhere else. These include tours to the summit of Mauna Kea, guided hikes into the Volcanoes National Park, horseback riding on the Parker Ranch and "night snorkeling" off the coast of Kona.

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