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Paradise Helicopters is a fabulous helicopter tour company that operates tours on both the Big Island of Hawaii and on the island of Oahu. Something that differentiates Paradise Helicopters from most other helicopter companies is the fact that on many of their flights they fly with 'doors off'. If you think this might be a thrill, "you've got that totally right"! Understand that you are fully strapped in and are every bit as secure as you would be in an enclosed aircraft, it just doesn't seem that way! Once you get used to it however it is amazing to not only see the island below by looking straight down but you sort of feel the island as well with air rushing past and the scent of salt water or forest in the air. ...... The Big Island of Hawaii is truly one of the most diverse in the island chain. Paradise Helicopters, with tours departing from the Kona International Airport or Hilo International Airport, allow you to choose your air adventure. To truly experience the awesome power of the Kilauea Volcano and savor the lush tropical rainforests and waterfalls of the Wailuku River you need to see it from above. Some of these areas are remote and restricted, so seeing them by land is not possible. Paradise Helicopters has a fleet of six passenger Bell 407 helicopters and four passenger Hughes 500's. The Bell 407 helicopters are spacious and have executive style seating and oversized window for great pictures. The Hughes 500 are often flown with the doors off and all seats are next to a window. Paradise has several air tours available and will make sure your trip is truly memorable. ...... Most aircraft on Oahu depart from Honolulu and surrounding areas but Paradise Helicopter leaves from the North Shore in an area called Turtle Bay. If you're staying anywhere near that area this may be the company you want to fly with. Also, since at the top of many people's list of sites to see on Oahu is the North Shore and since Paradise Helicopters offers a twenty minute flight of this area, it might make sense for you to drive out to catch the flight at Turtle Bay and just do the twenty-minute flight from there rather than flying the whole island and spending the cost of a full hours flight.

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$157.02 - $182.02

(2 Reviews, 5 Stars)

Experience the North Shore's old country beauty. Sacred Falls, Kahana Bay, Waimea Bay and the powerful waves of Sunset Beach and Pipeline.

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$190.90 - $213.90

(1 Review, 5 Stars)

Departing from Hilo, you will fly over miles of tropical rain forest on your way to the latest activity of Kilauea. View the volcanic rebirth of the island and witness the awesome power.

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$200.88 - $225.88

(1 Review, 5 Stars)

Experience an unforgettable journey over areas of the North Shore,the Ko'olau Mountains, beautiful coral beds of Kaneohe Bay, Kaliuwa'a (sacred falls), Arizona Memorial and much more.

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$223.90 - $249.90

(11 Reviews, 4.8 Stars)

Experience the volcanic activity firsthand and feel the heat with a doors off helicopter ride. Then, view the waterfalls above historic Hilo. This is the adventure of a lifetime for those looking for an exciting tour.

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$409.90 - $450.90

(4 Reviews, 4.8 Stars)

Ascend the slopes of Hualalai between Mauna Loa and Mauna Kea to witness Kilauea's current activity. Return via lush tropical rain forests and emerald green valleys with incredible waterfalls gently cascading from the sky.

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$513.16 - $563.15

(2 Reviews, 4 Stars)

Paradise'e Circle Island Experience is the only helicopter tour in Hawai'i that ventures south to encompass the entire island in just 2 hours! You'll see all 5 volcanoes, several waterfalls, the 2000 foot deep valleys, rain forests, Kohala Valley, white, black and green sand beaches and 11 of the 13 planet's climate zones!

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$632.81 - $682.81

Explore the Hawai'i Volcanoes in flight and by foot. Fly over Kona coffee district and 3 volcanoes including Hualalai, Mauna Kea and Mauna Loa. You will arrive to Hawai'i Volcanoes National Park and embark on a unique tour that allows you to venture places usually only seen by the air.

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$548.24 - $598.24

Enjoy a spectacular sunset helicopter tour over paradise! You'll venture North to view the Kona and Kohala coasts followed by views of Mauna Loa, the world's largest volcano! Along your journey see black and green sand beaches, several waterfalls, Kealakakua Bay and maybe even hot liquid magma!

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$447.90 - $494.90

This Paradise Helicopters exclusive Air Adventure combines the complete circle tour of the Big Island (our Hawaii Experience) with a full or half day in historic downtown Hilo on the Big Island's east side.

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$279.82 - $379.82

Fly in the replica "The Chopper" helicopter from Magnum, P.I. and cruise along the same flight route as in the opening scene of the show! You will also see Oahu's world famous North Shore, Pearl Harbor, Diamond Head, Sacred Falls and a low level flight off the shores of Waikiki.

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$218.42 - $243.42

Savor the brilliant hues of the "golden hour" and the Hawaiian sunset from a truly unique vantage on the North Shore Sunset Spectacular. Over thirty minutes, you'll witness how the landscape, laid out below with Oahu's famed North Shore surf breaks and beaches and the rippled Ko'olau Mountains, changes dramatically with the light.

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