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You will be able to experience true "open range" horseback riding on the ten-thousand plus acre working cattle ranch on the slopes of the Kohala region of the Big Island with Paniolo Horseback Riding Adventures. The ranch itself is magnificent stretching from the rainforests to the ocean and the views are stunning. You'll be able to see the coastline from Kohala all the way back to Kona and at the same time be able to view the Big Island volcanic peaks of both Mauna Loa and Mauna Kea and in the distance across the channel see the mountain of Haleakala on the island of Maui. Paniolo Horseback Riding Adventures does not offer you the usual "horse in a line" experience but allows you to spread out on the range and roam a bit. The horses are some of the finest to be found and include Arabian and other exotic breeds. Would you like to trot or canter? Not a problem with Paniolo Horseback Riding Adventures as they will allow you to ride to your own abilities. They also provide the most diversified types and number of rides on the Big Island to accommodate your varying interests and experience levels. You can sign up for short rides of just an hour-and-a-half or for rides as long as four hours, you can choose to ride in the mornings or at sunset and you can choose rides suitable to intermediate and expert riders or for absolute beginners.

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Many of the ranches offering horseback riding on the Big Island of Hawaii allow a more permissive style of riding than found on other islands. With so much beautiful ranch land available for horseback riding it's no surprise that Hawaii horseback rides and horseback stables are a favorite for visitors and locals alike.

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