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Maui Mountain Cruisers founders Jon and Cheryl Thuro have done a remarkable job over the years in pioneering many of the industry standards that are used by downhill bike tour companies on Maui today. As one of the original companies and one of the largest on the mountain today, Maui Mountain Cruisers provides an excellent full-service downhill experience. They have been recognized as an industry leader for years and have received extravagant reviews from many media icons including The Wall Street Journal, National Geographic, Travel Today, The Weather Channel, The Christian Science Monitor, Travel Magizine and Sunset Magazine.

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$91.90 - $125.90

Start things off with a wonderful van tour of Haleakala to the 6,500 foot elevation where you will begin biking 26 miles through switchback turns and countless visual wonders.

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$91.90 - $123.89

This sunrise bike tour will make it's way up the mountain switchbacks and sunrise will take place on the beautiful Haleakala slopes at the 6,500 foot elevation facing the northeast.

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This unguided, self paced bike tour starts with you meeting Maui Mountain Cruisers at their base-camp located at 381 Baldwin Avenue in Historical Paia Town by 8:00am.

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Thousands of downhill biking enthusiasts have experienced this adventure since 1982. Of all the activities on Maui, this bike ride is one of the most unique.

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If you are coming to Maui on a cruise ship then you need to make sure you browse our Maui cruise ship category before you make any reservations for activities during shore leave.

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