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Maui Adventure Cruises offers some unusual snorkeling cruises to the island of Lanai from Maui. They run a couple of rigid hull inflatable boats ranging from 34' to 49' and carrying a maximum of between 18 and 36 passengers. These boats are very fast and very stable on the water, and are comfortable as well. They even include a bathroom on board, which is a bit unusual for boats similar to these. They offer one great cruise that actually lands on Lanai to enjoy the island, and snorkel off the shoreline for about three hours. The balance of your seven hour tour will be spent exploring the plentiful reefs surrounding Lanai. A second trip provides the reef tour without the landing on the island. Whale Watches on Maui Adventure Cruises are also a spectacular option during the winter months.

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Head across the channel to the island of Lanai. Spinner and Bottlenose Dolphins are often encountered off the island of Lanai with lots of tropical reef fish, green sea turtles and occasional manta rays at the snorkel sites.

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This two hour fully narrated whale watch will include complimentary soft drinks, binoculars and whale watch guide. A Marine Biologist will share knowledge of our Humpback Whales and lower hydrophones into the water so you can hear their song.

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A landing is made on Lanai at Manele Harbor and guests then take a short 1/4 mile walk to Hulopo'e Bay Marine Reserve with its beautiful white sand crescent beach.

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If you are coming to Maui on a cruise ship then you need to make sure you browse our Maui cruise ship category before you make any reservations for activities during shore leave.

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Unlike Maui's famous Humpback whales, dolphins are year-round residents of Hawaii and can be seen off all the Hawaiian islands during virtually every month of the year.

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There's a reason people love snorkeling on Maui. The ocean waters surrounding Maui and its neighbor islands of Lanai and Molokini are comfortably warm, have great visibility (often in excess of 100 feet), and are teeming with beautiful coral formations and colorful tropical fish.

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In the 1800's Lanai was purchased by the Dole family and became the major producer for the Dole Pineapple Company. This role has diminished in recent years and Lanai has now taken a front seat in the tourist industry.

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Narration and interpretation of whale movements are provided on Maui whale watching boats. You'll find yourself wanting to know more about these fascinating creatures.

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