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Located on a 17,000 acre tract of land at the base of Mount Wai'ale'ale which is known for being the "wettest spot on Earth" the zip-line course called "Kauai Backcountry Zip-line Adventures" is one of the longest and most dynamic zip-line courses on the island. The course dramatically zigzags its way across a series of valley of varying depths and provides you with zip-line runs that are mostly on the "further side of long". This massive course provides fun for all comers as can be evidenced by the shrieks, hoots and "Tarzan yells" that can be heard throughout the valley corridors. Your tour will begin on a four-wheel drive vehicle at the base yard miles from the actual beginning of the course. Once at the course beginning you will be instructed about proper zip-lining technique and safety procedures and your first run will be on your "bunny slope" zip-line. You will quickly get the hang of it and will be zipping like a pro by the time you reach the end where you will be treated to the opportunity to enjoy a cool swim in a mountain pool with waterfall before you return to the base yard.

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Don't wait!!! Reserve early if you would like to enjoy this very popular and unique experience to ride on large inner tubes through ancient irrigation ditches.

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Adventure Awaits! Delight your senses and escape to the beauty of the backcountry and enjoy the natural splendor of Hali'i Falls! Experience an exhilarating world class zipline and travel deep into the islands interior to an enchanting and secluded waterfall! Climb aboard an adventure vehicle and travel to a magnificent zipline course and learn about the island's rich history and culture along the way.

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Experience an exhilarating zipping adventure. Glide and soar above the lush tropical rain forest canopy. Explore tropical rain forests, lush valleys and streams, and swim in a refreshing mountain stream.

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Visiting Kauai via cruise ship can be a lot of fun but it can also be challenging to find island tours that are compatible with the arrival and departure times of the ships.

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Kauai is famous for its Hiking trails and they are abundant on the island. There is a Kauai hike for everyone. Some hikes are less than a mile long and others can extend miles along the coastline or into the island's interior.

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Kayaking on Kauai is perhaps the single most unique category of activities found on all the islands of Hawaii. Kauai is the only island that actually has navigable rivers and these are a fantastic vehicle upon which to visit the depths of the Kauai rain forests.

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Interested in wanting to just take a sightseeing boat tour off the coastline of the island without going snorkeling, this is the page where you want to find your Hawaiian tour boat.

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So what is a zipline tour anyway? Zipline tours are a fairly recent activity to appear on Kauai, but Kauai zip-line tours are certainly one of the most popular activities on the island and are often booked weeks in advance.

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Whether you're interested in river kayaking, ocean kayaking, kayaking tours, kayak eco-tours, Na Pali Coast kayaking tours, kayaking Kauai through its rainforests and jungles or waterfall trips via the various kayak companies found on the island you will not be disappointed.

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Zipline tours are a fairly recent addition to the list of Kauai's spectacular activities. Kauai zipline tours are also among the most popular. Some zipline tours on Kauai zoom across huge spans of canyons or bluffs and some glide from tree to tree through the tops of magnificent pine forests.

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