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The Island Star is a sail boat that is in a category of its own. This 57' sailing Columbia Yacht can accommodate as many a twenty guests and is used exclusively for private charters. Not only can you use this sailboat for short private sales like a sunset sail or an afternoon snorkel but because it can comfortably sleep ten people on board it is a great boat to be able to take on extended over-night trips to anywhere you want to go. These trips can be for one-night over to Lanai or they could be multiple nights visiting any island of your choice. There is even the possibility of having the "supersonic and speedy" Miami Vice type scarab power boat tag along with your sail and after you've moored you vessel for the afternoon be able to explore in detail the coastlines and inlets of whatever island you may find your selves one. This boat is a one of a kind offering on Maui and has been well received by those who have chosen her as their private charter over the years.

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On a windy day in mid-July, my son Jake and I set out on an afternoon sail that turned out to be one of the most exciting events of our whole summer. On board the catamaran was a handful of other folks who, like us, were in the mood for adventure.

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