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Hawaiian Surfing Adventures is a company that operates its surf school on the northern portion of the island in the district of Hanalei. Tours are generally offered in the area by the Hanalei Pier where the waves are usually small to moderate and are consistent enough to provide good surf the year round. Surf training will begin on the sand long before you enter the water and from this position you will learn the skills necessary to surf once you get into the water. If you are like most students you will be delighted to see that you will be able to actually get up and surf during your very first lesson. The Hawaiian Surfing Adventures owner and chief instructor is Mitchell Alapa who has spent most of his life surfing the waves of Kauai and his likable character and charisma will assist you and encourage you to perform to your maximum ability. In addition Hawaiian Surfing Adventures also provides 'Stand-up Paddle' lessons, a very special 'Children's Surf Lesson' and a 'Private Surf Safari' for people who already have some surfing experience to go out with an experienced surfing instructor who will take you to the best break of the day dependent upon your surfing abilities.

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$70.90 - $187.90

Learn to surf in the warm waters off of Kaua'i. The first 30 minutes will be a class on shore. You will learn how to watch the ocean and the waves, talk about ocean safety, learn how to paddle, how you should position yourself on the board as well as how to start reading the waves.

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$93.90 - $240.90

Recently, the ancient Hawaiian practice of stand up surfing has experienced a massive revival. It is similar to surfing, but instead of paddling with your arms while lying on your belly, you paddle with a canoe paddle from the standing position.

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$185.90 - $275.90

Enjoy the incredible surf breaks of Hanalei Bay with your own private guide! Learn the secrets of the different areas. This is a great way to experience different surf spots, learn to check out the conditions and not get into any unwelcome situations that would keep you from having a fun time.

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There is no better time for learning than when you are young! Get your child started off in the sport of surfing on the right foot in the warm waters of Kaua'i.

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Visiting Kauai via cruise ship can be a lot of fun but it can also be challenging to find island tours that are compatible with the arrival and departure times of the ships.

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Kauai is a great place for surfing in general but for surf lessons in particular. The surf on Kauai is usually very consistent and there are a number of areas that have a sand bottom which makes for an ideal learning area.

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Whether you're interested in river kayaking, ocean kayaking, kayaking tours, kayak eco-tours, Na Pali Coast kayaking tours, kayaking Kauai through its rainforests and jungles or waterfall trips via the various kayak companies found on the island you will not be disappointed.

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