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Zip-line from one Zip Code to another! (well, almost!........ at least from one town to another).Yes that's right. Flyin Hawaiian Zip-line is so long (it is the longest continuous zip-line in the world when you add together the length of the seven zip-lines on the course) that it extends from the district of Waikapu to the area known as Maalaea. The Flyin Hawaiian Zip-line is remarkable in the sense that it extends along much of the length of the east facing slopes of the West Maui Mountains and provides the most beautiful views of the central valley that can be seen from any location. You can view both the north and the south coasts of Maui from Wailuku to Makena from almost any vantage point on the course and this zip line course is tucked so thoroughly into the crevices of the West Maui's that it is totally private and secluded and your small group of "zippers" are the only ones there to witness this incredible spectacle of Maui's rare beauties. This is also the only zip-line course in Hawaii that actually starts at point "A" and tours you along a route to point "B" without touring you in a circle to arrive at your original location.

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Maui was the location of the first zip-line in the country. Now we have tons of zip-line courses.

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