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Erik Stein's dive company called Extended Horizons has been in operation for decades and is another one of the premiere dive companies located on the island. His charters leave out of the Mala Boat Ramp near Lahaina and the primary destination for his charters is the island of Lanai. Lanai is a fantastic dive location offering many different dive sites and Extended Horizons will take you to about twenty or so of them. One of the most famous is of course the location called Cathedrals but they will take you to many others dependent upon the weather and ocean conditions. These dives are primarily dives for certified divers that wish to have an excellent experience diving on Lanai.

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$101.90 - $146.90

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This Certified Beach Dive is Ideal for a tune up, or if you just want to avoid the crowds. One or two tank beach dives are in smaller groups and easy scheduling are just a few of the benefits of these guided shore dives.

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This is an excellent option for our friends that wish to maximize dive time while they are here. Do your class work and pool work section of the certification course at home and finish up the four required ocean dives on Maui in two days.

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$148.90 - $181.90

Two tank dive for certified divers and people who snorkel. Daily dive site selection is based on diver's request and weather conditions. There are over 60 dive sites on Lanai, including Cathedrals.

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$129.90 - $162.90

Explore West Maui's only wreck dive, the old Carthaginian whaling vessel, which formally sat in Lahaina Harbor. Often times divers will have the opportunity to see Atlantis Submarine go by while checking out the wreck.

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$107.90 - $157.90

No previous experience necessary! If you've never tried SCUBA diving before then try easing into it in the safe, shallow waters off the beach. The instructors from Extended Horizons will ensure that you have a positive first experience in the undersea world of SCUBA diving.

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You gotta see this to believe it. More than half the critters in the ocean off Maui are nocturnal. The fish change color and mostly are hiding, while the invertebrates are prowling.

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