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Big Island Air offers three different tours on their air conditioned Cessna Grand Caravan EX, which is the only turbine-engine, jet prop tour airplane in the State of Hawaii. Turbine engines are superior to piston or reciprocation engines in terms of safety, reliability and performance. The added power of a turbine allows us to show many places/things a conventional engine will not allow while operating well within the aircraft's normal range limits. Turbine engines are much quieter, allowing better clarity of both music and pilot narration. Every passenger has a spacious window seat and a "picture window" view. The high wing design and large windows of the caravan allow excellent, unobstructed views of our island.

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This is a VIP adventure flight that starts and ends in Maui. Depending on conditions of the day, flight patterns will vary to afford you the best of two special islands, Maui and the Big Island.

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This is the only tour operator offering a "Twilight Flight" over Kilauea Volcano. The surface flows of molten lava can only be seen from the air. At dusk the contrast allows for excellent lava viewing that is not available during the day.

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This is the most complete island air tour of the Big Island of Hawaii, including the active Kilauea Volcano, ancient Hawaiian settlements, lush green valleys, cascading waterfalls, black and white sand beaches and 266 miles of coastline.

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