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As you are probably aware zipline tours are all the rage in Hawaii on all the islands but the ziplines found on the Big Island of Hawaii are particularly unusual and exciting. These fantastic zipline tours fly you through the jungle canopy's past high trees, over immense gorges and over beautiful streams and waterfalls. Big Island Zipline tours have it all: long double ziplines to enjoy with a friend, huge zipline lengths up to one half mile long, beautiful scenery as seen from you zipline tour, remarkable land tours on a four-wheel drive vehicle deep into forests to get to the starting point for your amazing zipline adventure, some of the most up to date zipline courses in Hawaii and for that matter around the world and some of the friendliest and most helpful professional zipline staff to assist you on your zipline tour. If you're wanting to take a zipline tour, the Big Island of Hawaii is the perfect spot to choose for your zipline adventure.

So, what is a zipline anyway?

Simply put, "a Zipline is an aerial runway consisting of a pulley suspended on a cable that is mounted on an incline. Ziplines are designed to allow a seated and harnessed passenger to traverse valleys, gorges or drop-offs along an inclined cable by being attached to a freely moving pulley while using gravity as a motor". So that sums up the basic physics of the experience but let's see how this all applies to the specifics of your various Big Island of Hawaii zipline tours.

What are the types of Zipline courses found on the Big Island of Hawaii?

Primarily zipline tours can be characterized by the type of terrain they fly over and by the overall topography of the zipline course. The Big Island of Hawaii is blessed with some of the most magnificent forests and these treetop canopies provide locations ideal for a zipline adventure. Some of these zipline courses even require a special four-wheel drive tour through the densest of forests to even arrive at the starting point of the zipline tour. Gorges and valleys are almost always the physical locations that are crossed over and these exciting crossings are some of the most beautiful landscapes to be found on the Big Island and add that extra touch of beauty to the zipline adventure.

What are the heights of the various Big Island of Hawaii Ziplines.

On the Big Island of Hawaii the heights above the ground of the various lines varies greatly between zipline courses and once again between the ziplines on the same course. It could generally be said that the height above many of the valley floors and streams running through them would range between 250' to the lowest beginning ziplines or "training zips" of about 25' in height.

How fast are the Big Island of Hawaii Ziplines?

The average zipline speed will depend on the length and steepness of the zipline, the individual weight of the participant and also upon the cross winds that may be happening at the time of your crossing. Most of the longer ziplines will have you averaging speeds of between 25 to 35 miles per hour. Another factor which determines zipline speed has to do with how you hold your body during your zip. If you become aerodynamic and streamlined pointing your feet forward and leaning yourself slightly backwards during your zipline you will go faster. If you present yourself with wide body surfaces facing forward you will slow up.

How long are the Big Island Ziplines?

The ziplines vary greatly in length depending upon the valley to be traversed but the longest among them is about one-half mile in length.

How many Ziplines run on a single course?

Once again this varies with the Big Island of Hawaii zipline courses but 7 or 8 is a good average. Some of the zipline courses allow you to do just some of the ziplines or all of the ziplines if you choose. Some of the zipline courses even offer "doubleziplines" or "side-by-side" ziplines that can be traveled by two persons at the same time. These ziplines are fun to go on with a friend as you race to the end of the zipline.

How easy are Big Island of Hawaii Ziplines to use?

This is probably the most often asked concern of clients wanting to participate on a zipline. The simple answer is that it is very easy. There are relatively few things that you need to remember but you do need to listen at all times to the directions of the zipline guides. Landings require some degree of coordination but keep in mind that in most instances there will be a guide helping you in as you come to a stop. I have personally seen people in their eighties on these zipline flights participating without the slightest bit of trouble. This of course is a personal call for everyone. If you don't think you will feel comfortable riding a zipline or if you think the heights will "freak you out" just don't sign up. Everyone has their own limitations and you know what yours are.

Popularity of Big Island Ziplines.

Wow. This is amazing! We have gone from a position of having no zipline courses on the Big Island to having a number of different courses in a matter of a short number of years. During that time we of course started with zero popularity and quickly grew to a point where it is often very difficult to arrange zipline tours for willing participants on any of the courses at a given time. Some of the zipline courses are booked up for days at certain times of the year. So the lesson is---if your know you want to do a zipline while visiting the Big Island, please book it early.

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Join in for a canopy experience like no other. Perched in the midst of a 100-year-old towering mahogany forest and nestled in a serene lush valley, the Kohala Zipline features 5 unique canopy suspension…

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The Umauma Falls zipline experience is right off the main highway at mile marker 16. A great visitor center welcomes you. We offer 9 long ziplines, with almost 2 miles of spectacular zipping through paradise,…

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Double the adventure and soak up the Hawaiian scenery as you zip through the trees and across 9 lines, 5 suspension bridges, 1 rappel and 14 tree based platforms in the Halawa Lands of Kamehameha. Enjoy…

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The 8-line zipline adventure is Hawaii Island's only all-dual-track zip course of side-by-side excitement through the Honolii river gorge and native Hawaiian forest. Every line on the course has zipSTOPs…

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$169.95 - $239.95

With seven ziplines that pass above jaw-dropping scenery along unrivaled spans, the Skyline Eco Adventure is one of Hawaii's most amazing zipline experiences. Cascading nearly 250 feet, one of the…

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Enjoy 2 hours on an exotic rain forest Segway tour that takes you along a gentle section of the stunning Hamakua coastline. Smell the sweet scent of the forest and hear the soft trade winds as you glide…

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En route to your day of adventure, you will be treated to stunning scenery on this fully narrated drive along the Hilo and Hamakua coastline, a part of the island that is not to be missed. Imagine yourself…

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$189.00 - $239.00

Enjoy our 9 line zipline tour which includes 4 dual ziplines and suspension bridge, and tour Umauma River for refreshing swimming, kayaking and waterfall jumping.

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The 90 minute Mala Pua Gardens tour will teach you how to ride a Segway and allow you to experience lush tropical gardens. You'll smell the flowers, taste the spices and listen to the soothing trade winds…

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This 30 minute introductory glide will teach you how to ride a Segway and give you a brief taste of the rain forest. Silently glide past lush flower gardens on Hawaii's only rain forest Segway tour.…

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Walk across a 150 foot suspension bridge over waterfalls that stretch as far as you can see. Ride on 7 exciting ziplines that range from 200 feet to the dual racing zip on the final 1,100 foot run, allowing…

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The first four lines are dual, enabling you to zip side by side. At line 2 you will have time to view the beautiful scenery, including a 100 foot waterfall as you look toward the top of Mauna Kea. Most…

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