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The Big Island of Hawaii Horseback Riding Tours. Many are offered at discount pricing.

Big Island Horseback Riding

Many of the ranches offering Big Island horseback riding allow a more permissive style of riding than found on other islands offering Hawaii horseback riding:
  • Many of the ranches are more inclined to also allow you to trot or canter your horse if you have the necessary skills.
  • A wonderful opportunity provided by many Big Island of Hawaii ranches is to encourage you to spread out to ride and not always maintain the nose to tail format so prevalent elsewhere.
  • Riding on the Big Island of Hawaii often begins with a cowboy dress-up in which you're encouraged to put on ranch boots, chaps, jackets and hats to create a more authentic "paniolo" feel for your horse ride

Hawaii Horseback Riding locations you will be riding:

  • All of the Big Island horseback riding locations will be in the upcountry regions of the island in Kohala, Waipio Valley or in the ranch lands above Hilo. They are all at a minimum of 1.5 hours drive from the Kona area.
  • You will have an opportunity to ride on working cattle ranch lands.
  • The Waipio Valley on the Hamakua Coast is one of the most scenic areas to be found on the Big Island and you can ride on the rim of the valley looking down hundreds of feet to the valley floor below.

Hawaii Horseback Riding for the more seasoned horseback rider:

  • If your have ridden approximately 50 or more times in the past 10 years your experience will allow you to go on a 4 hour 'wrangler' ride that will take you through the cattle ranch terrain of the upcountry Big Island.
  • Advanced rides are available that will allow you to ride to and swim at a beautiful waterfall and then enjoy a picnic on an ultimate waterfall experience. This ride takes you along the rim of the Waipio Valley, and continues back along the stream that feeds the spectacular Hiilawe Falls, where you go to a series of smaller, beautiful waterfalls and secret pools. You can tie up your horse and hike down to a very private waterfall and pristine ginger-lined pool.

Pride of America Cruise Ship:

Big Islandof Hawaii Horseback Rides do not pick up at the Cruise Ship Dock. You can make arrangements for some of these tours by having Tom Barefoot's Tours organize a Rent-A-Car for you that will pick you up at the dock. You should be careful to make certain that these are late morning or early afternoon rides to allow enough time to get back to the ship. These would be available to you on the Tuesday from the port of Hilo or Wednesday from the port of Kona.

Checkout Tom's Tips and Insights about "The Big Island" of Hawaii Horseback Riding Tours

Tom Barefoot's Tips
  • Tom's Tips - Big Island Horseback Riding

    Horseback riding on the Big Island has always been a way of life, at least that was true after the first cattle were brought to the island. In 1793 Captain George Vancouver made a special gift to King Kamehameha the 1st of cattle he had brought from overseas. The king was so impressed with the animals that he placed a 10 year kapu on them forbidding any one to kill them. After 10 years they were well entrenched on the island and then a second gift was bequeathed upon the king from a trader to the kingdom. It was a horse. Another 20 years passed and by that time the cattle industry needed some serious attention in the form of herding and taking care of the cattle and in 1823 the first Mexican Cowboys, called 'vaqueros' were brought in from Mexico to take charge of the livestock. These men later became known as 'Paniolo's in the Hawaiian culture. It was about four years later in 1827 that Mexican horses were brought into Lahaina on Maui and it was noted that this was the first introduction to Hawaii of the mosquito... read more.

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Wailea Horseback Adventure

2 Activity Options

Horseback Ride Umauma Falls area and swim

The Wailea Horseback Adventures shares with you a hidden paradise adventure on horseback above the beautiful umauma falls in Wailea on the Big Island of Hawaii. They offer the Waterfall Horseback Ride twice a day. The 2.5 hour morning Waterfall Horseback Ride and the 2.
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Na'alapa Stables

5 Activity Options

Ride at Two Locations - the 12,000 Acre Kahua Ranch and the beautiful Waipio Valley

Na'alapa Stables has two locations on the Big Island of Hawaii offering two distinct horseback riding adventures. The first one is on Kahua Ranch, located in the lush Kohala region of the island. This 12,000 acre working cattle ranch offers guests a range ride over rolling pastureland and through a eucalyptus forest.
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Pa'ani Ranch & ATV Adventures

1 Activity Option

ATV Tours, Horseback Riding, Lil Wrangler Program

On the eastern slopes of the Big Island between the Hawaii Volcanoes National Park and the city of Hilo is the 220 acre working cattle ranch known as 'Pa'ani Ranch'. Here a number of activities are offered including ATV rides and Horseback Riding in addition to a fabulous children's program which is ideal for children between the ages of 2 and 8. Children will be taken on a wagon ride, will try their hand at pole fishing, be led on a pony ride and enjoy animals at a petting zoo.
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Video Transcript

So if you have an interest in doing horseback riding in Hawaii, you might want to consider doing horseback riding on the Big Island. For a number of reasons it is really an excellent place to do such. Let me pull up a map here and show you a little bit. First of all, the Big Island as you know is a big island, huge. There is lots and lots of ranch land here. Actually, this was the very first island in Hawaii that ever had any cattle. Then shortly thereafter they were the first island to have horses to take care of the cattle. It was from here that they disseminated out and so on. This is really the first place we really had ranches. So there's a lot of ranch land.

In fact, it has the Parker Ranch on the Big Island, which is the second largest ranch in the United States. The largest being the King Ranch in Texas. There is a lot of ranch land here on the island. Primarily up in this area Waimea, Kawaihae, kind of Kiholo zone. What you've got is these huge sweeping, really meadow lands really that are just grasslands that sweep down to the sea. They make excellent terrain to enjoy a horseback ride. One of the things about these ranches, and the types of rides they do that's very different than other places in Hawaii is that instead of having that nose to tail where you're just following the horse in front of you, these meadows in ranch land areas are so spread out that you can just take your horses ... Maybe you've got 10 or 12 in your group, and they just spread out, and head in a direction rather than following each other like that.

It really makes for a much more enjoyable ride. This is for beginners and advanced alike. Also, just the nature of the land that you ride on makes it more able for you to do other than and rather than just walking. You can do some trotting and some cantering within reason if you're a beginner. They're there to supervise you. If you feel like you a little bit qualified that you can do it, you will. The other thing about these rides that we have are that if you're an experienced rider, and you really want to just go out with other experienced people, we've got rides that happen there for you. I mean, to the point where you need to be qualified to have ridden a horse 20 times in the last five years or more. Then you qualify, and you'll be able to go with a group of experienced people.

These can be longer rides like four hours perhaps, and really get out and enjoy the area without having to deal with people who are just learning how. We've got both, beginning ones, and then others. As far as beginning rides, in many cases every stable is a little bit different, but kids that are eight years old and above can usually be a part of that. So that's great. We've got this area where we have a lot of the ranch land. There's one other major area that is fantastic for horseback riding, and that's over here in a big valley called Waipio Valley. This is kind of in the days of ali'i this entire valley there was a large civilization of Hawaiians that lived back there. Everything was there for them from the very top of the ridges, and trees, and plant life that they had, all the way down to the sea where they were able to fish, and the rivers that came down through, and the waterfalls, and so on.

They had everything that was necessary for them to survive, and to flourish. Although, there's no civilization back in there nowadays, it is a great place to take you down in do some horseback riding, and give you an opportunity to see what it was like to be in this valley centuries ago. Generally, they take you down in a 4X4, and you get down to the bottom, and then that's where you get your horses. Then you walk up into the streams, and so on, and way back up into the valley you get to a 1200 foot waterfall. It is a great, great ride. It's a great place to be. Forget about the fact that you're on a horse, it's a great place to do a horseback ride, just really out there.

Those are some really good spots that we have. I think if you're planning on doing some horseback riding in Hawaii, the Big Island of Hawaii would be an excellent place to choose. If you have any questions about tours or activities in Hawaii, just give us a call, or check out TomBarefoot.com. We're here to help.

Hawaii Horseback riding is a much more popular category of tours than you might expect. When looking over the state as a whole the category of horseback riding in Hawaii registers over twenty separate and distinct horseback riding companies.

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Take a horseback ride to a waterfall, a ride next to the beach or ride on the North Shore ranch lands.

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Choose your favorite North Shore ranch ride or ride along the ocean at a famous polo field.

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Maui has numerous Horseback Riding Stables on many parts of the island.

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