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Big Island Hiking Tours

Big Island of Hawaii hiking tours will present you with some Hawaii hiking experiences unavailable on other islands.

There are 24 tours in this category. Hawaii's Leader in Affordable Tours and Discount Activities

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Big Island Hiking Tours. Many tours are offered at discount pricing.

Arguably, Big Island Hikes provide a more variable selection of options than any other Hawaiian Island.

The Big Island Hiking Tours include rainforest hikes, eco-tours, volcano tours, lava tube hikes, hikes through the Hawaii Volcanoes National Park, waterfall hikes, Mauna Loa summit adventures, bird watching hikes, various wildlife hiking tours and a variety of nature walks, walking tours and Sightseeing Tours of the island.

Big Island Hikes

    • Perhaps the most exciting Big Island hikes are found in the Hawaii Volcanoes National Park. Here you will be immersed in the fantastic terrain, micro climates, dynamic geology and flora of Kilauea Volcano, which is unique in the entire world. Huge craters, steaming vents and molten lava (when access is feasible) are among the possibilities here on the youngest and most active of the Island's five volcanoes. Trail routes here range from an easy "sampler" to hard-core 14 mile adventures. The usual amount is 6 miles.
    • Other Big Island hiking tours will take you to the magnificent Waipi'o Valley. This route provides a rare opportunity to skirt the rim of the Island's most immense and best-loved valley. A historic trail takes you hiking to places where you can securely view the ocean and the valley floor well over 1000 ft below. Crucial times in Hawaii's past unfold in the scenery at your feet: imagination comes alive as your hiking guide's narration blends with the spectacular scenery to erase the bounds of time. The hiking, through rain forest and fields, over streams and waterfalls, is excellent. The setting is unmatched anywhere. A waterfall pool swim is generally a refreshing option on these Big Island of Hawaii hikes into Waipio Valley.
    • Another fabulous hiking option would be one to the many bird watching hikes available on the Big Island. From the mountain to the sea...hike the cool sub-alpine forest of Mauna Kea in the morning and slowly bird your way down to an ancient Hawaiian fishpond at Kaloko-Honokohau National Historical Park in the afternoon. Endangered native species include the Palila, Nene, Aeo, Alae Keokeo, and the endangered Honu or Green Sea Turtle.
    • No matter which type of hike, nature walk or Sightseeing Tour you arrange on the Big Island of Hawaii you will be treated to some of the very best hiking that the Hawaiian Islands have to offer. In preparation for your adventure however you should consider bringing a comfortable pair of hiking shoes and comfortable hiking clothing.
  • -Though not exactly considered a hike as such, the trips up to the summit of Mauna Kea offer views and provide an experience rivaling any that you'll find on other hiking adventures. You'll learn about the geography, geology and natural history of the island on the drive up the mountain. First you'll stop to acclimate to the altitude at the Onizuka Visitors Center at 9000 ft. Guests will be served a soup and sandwich supper, and be fitted with parkas and gloves before continuing on the steep 1/2 hour drive to the top of Mauna Kea (13,796 ft). On the summit, your guide will point out the observatories as they begin to open their domes and rotate into position. There are great photo opportunities as sunset transforms the area into a beautiful spectacle. Then the tour descends to mid-mountain where using a large portable telescope you'll observe the treasures of the night sky and sip on hot chocolate.

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Checkout Tom's Tips and Insights about "The Big Island" of Hawaii Hiking Tours

Tom Barefoot's Tips
  • Tom's Tips - Big Island Hiking Tours

    It is obviously easy to make a distinction between sightseeing tours and hiking tours but when you get into it a bit the differences are actually quite profound. The sightseeing tours we over on the Big Island but also on the rest of the islands will take clients to scenic spots and places of interest. This is also what hiking tours do but they take it so much further. The one thing I believe many people overlook is that they automatically believe that it would be inappropriate for them to do a hike type of tour because they feel it may be too strenuous for them. Indeed they may be correct but the whole notion of it should not simply be dismissed without delving a bit into the details... read more.

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KapohoKine Adventures

9 Activity Options

KapohoKine Adventures

Upscale sightseeing tours of the Big Island are offered by Kapohokine Adventures. Tours range the gamut between the Kona Side and the Hilo/Volcano side of the island and the smaller sizes of tours make them very personalized. In addition Kapohokine also offers a tremendous zip-line course on the Hilo side of the island with 8 separate double lines the last of which is one-half mile long.
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Hawaii Forest and Trail

10 Activity Options

Merriman's Farm Visit and Dinner, Hiking, Nature Trails, Land Tours, Bird Watching Hawaii

Hawaii Forest and Trail is one of the premier hiking and eco-adventure tour companies on the Big Island. They offer a variety of hiking tours which visit vastly different areas of the island and concentrate on the geology, biology, botany and history of each region. Small groups are led by naturalist guides. Their international reputation has made them a requested and popular touring option on the Big Island.
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Botanical World

1 Activity Option

Zip-line, Segway Garden Tours, Waterfalls

The Botanical World Ventures and Botanical Gardens is located in the beautiful jungle area of the Big Island's Hamakua Coast. Combining a rare look at some of the most amazing botanical gardens in the state with Segway tour adventures and a first class 7-line zip-line course you will be able to enjoy an entire day here on the Hilo side of the island and enjoy every minute.
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Paradise Helicopters

3 Activity Options

Scenic Helicopter Tours of Oahu, Pearl Harbor Flights, Door's Off Adventure Tours

Paradise Helicopters is one of the premier helicopter touring companies that services both the Big Island and Oahu. One of the biggest differences between this company and many others is the fact that they will offer you the opportunity to take a flight with the doors off. As nerve racking as that may sound, you are completely strapped in an just a secure as you would be in an enclosed helicopter. The big difference is that your view from this perspective will be absolutely amazing.
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Umauma Experience

1 Activity Option

Wailele Experience - Hike, Swim and Picnic, Umauma River Swim and Kayak Experience, Most Scenic

The Umauma Zip-line and the other activities of this beautiful area along the Hamakua Coast that are collectively referred to as the Umauma Experience, provide one of the best ways to spend a day on the Big Island. You will be able to enjoy zip-lining, hiking, kayaking, swimming, picnics, riverside strolling and beautiful gardens in these forested areas created by the Umauma River Valley.
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Video Transcript

If you have an interest in doing a hike while you're coming to Hawaii, you might want to consider doing that on the Big Island of Hawaii for a number of reasons. We've got a number of different areas that you can see on the Big Island, but prominent among them is going to be hikes that take you into the volcanic area in and around Kilauea. These are amazing because you're going to be able to get really close to volcanic areas that you would certainly not be able to do anywhere else on the planet on a regularly scheduled hike. These are somewhat varied that we have. Some pick you up at your hotel. Some of you will have to meet, and that's going to be true of all the different hikes that we have, actually many different types of hikes and they're all individual in terms of how the pickup is arranged.

On these, you're actually going to be with a certified guide who's going to take you through this volcanic area and show you what is available to be seen. You're going to understand the geography, the geology of the areas. You'll understand a bit more about the climate. Particularly, as everything relates to the volcanic activity, you're going to become well versed in it. Some of these hikes are a little bit longer than others. Some shorter, depending on when you come, what time of year or when ... The volcanic activity changes daily. You never know exactly what's going on, but you will be able to be in a place where you'll be able to understand through an explanation from your guide, the geography, or geology I guess, in this case, of the area, how it all came to be.

Because there are variations of when the lava's being pumped out, sometimes it's really vigorous and active and sometimes not as much. In many cases you're going to have an opportunity to talk to your guides beforehand and discuss where the best places would be for you to go that day, make a plan, go out there and see some things. You're certainly going to see steam vents and calderas. Quite often you're actually able to get up close to the lava itself. It just kind of crawls or oozes on the ground, unlike other volcanic regions where volcanoes have this explosive nature. It's not like that here in Hawaii. It kind of creeps down the hillside and very, very incredibly beautiful colors and so on. You might get an opportunity to get really close to it. As I say, it's always different depending upon when you actually get here.

This is an amazing thing to do and it's not anything you're going to be able to do on any of the other islands. This doesn't mean that this is the only type of hike that you have, that we've got. Up here on kind of the northern reaches of the island is a place called Waipio, Waipio Valley. It's a huge valley, very tropical, very beautiful. In the olden days of the Hawaiians, this was a major population center. The Hawaiians had everything that they needed in there to live their life, waterfalls and pools and streams and lots of types of plant life that happen in there.

Then you've got the black sand beach along the ocean, plentiful fish and so on that were in the sea to be able to support the populations. In most cases, on these hikes, you're actually going to be driven down on a four wheeler, or a four by four down to the floor of the valley and then actually hike the valley back up in the waterfalls perhaps, and certainly over to the black sand beaches. You're really going to have a chance to understand what it would have been like to live in a place like that years and years ago, in the days of the Hawaiians. One of the great hikes that we have.

There's other area that we have that will take you to places where we have areas where plants are protected and so on and you really appreciate all the flora that we have in Hawaii. One of the most dynamic, spectacular hikes that we have are a couple hikes that we have that go in to do some bird watching, really back in the jungles and forests that we have on the Big Island. These are a little bit longer. They can be 10 or 11 hours. They're not particularly strenuous, but they're going to get you out into places that you're going to be able to see some of the rare and endemic birds that we have that are in these areas that are protected and so on. Those are really worthwhile hikes and very different. You're not going to be able to see much of that on any of the other islands.

One final hike, it's really not a hike, but we always kind of lump it in with hikes on the Big Island, are ... Obviously we've got big volcanoes. MaunaKea is the one over here. This is where we have all the observatories. There are many of these domes and observatories that we have that look out to see all the stars and so on. You'll be driven up there to see that, but then taken back down. This is at nighttime. These leave maybe three o'clock from your hotel, that sort of thing. Drive all the way up. You get to see the observatories and then they come down to about the 9,000 foot level and what they do is pull out a reflector telescope out of their van and set that up and then allow you to be able to look at everything that you see in the heavens, the rings around Saturn, or whatever is out there.

These people are very accomplished in being able to explain to you all the things that you'll be seeing and you will probably never be able to see things that clearly, that many stars, to view the heavens in that way. That's why they've got these observatories up there to begin with. It is one of the most incredible places on earth, and clearest places on earth to be able to see the heavens. That is something that, although it's really not a lot of hiking going on, it's one of those destinations that you would love to hike to except it's a little bit too strenuous to just set out on a hike to go up to MaunaKea. It's really that kind of outdoor activity that really gives you a sense of what's happening on the Big Island.

That's it, kind of a general overview of things you could do hiking on the big island. If you have any questions about tours or activities in Hawaii, just give us a call or check out tombarefoot.com. We're here to help.

Hiking in Hawaii is an activity that many people find pleasurable and rewarding. Not only do Hawaii hikes provide exercise, fresh air and a connection to the beautiful outdoor environment but the Hawaii hiking tours offered on the islands provide one of the most educational activities available to the island visitor.

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Kauai is famous for its Hiking trails and they are abundant on the island. There is a Kauai hike for everyone. Some hikes are less than a mile long and others can extend miles along the coastline or into the island's interior.

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Nature tours, hiking trips, eco-tours, walking tours, bird watching tours: these items are all among the list of activities and tours that most people don't associate with the island of Oahu.

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Maui has more hiking trails per square miles than most National Parks. Tours are available to visit the crater floor of Haleakala which will take a full day or less strenuous tours will take you to beautiful waterfalls throughout the island.

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