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Big Island of Hawaii Helicopter Tours provide the only Hawaii helicopter flights to places where you can consistently see the active volcano!

Helicopter Tours on "The Big Island" of Hawaii

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Helicopter tours on the Big Island of Hawaii fly over the volcanoes of Kilauea, Mauna Loa, Mauna Kea and the Hawaii Volcanoes National Park. Helicopter tours taken on the Big Island of Hawaii are considered by many to be the single most spectacular tours available in all of Hawaii and these Hawaii helicopter flights should be made a priority if at all possible.

Helicopter tours in Hawaii to see mount Kilauea and the active volcanoes of Hawaii Volcano National Park depart from both Hilo and Waikoloa. Most visitors visiting the Big Island will stay on the Kona or Waikoloa coast and since there are Hawaii helicopter tours leaving from that side of the island, this is often they're first choice of departure points.

For years the magma under Kilauea has been pushing to the earth's surface through "pu'u" or vents and has been making its way through a series of lava tubes to the seacoast. Here the hot lava pours into the sea at such enormous temperatures that vast plumes of steam and mist are formed and can be easily viewed from your Hawaii helicopter flight as the gases ascend hundreds of feet into the air.

Vast areas of the Big Island of Hawaii have been burned and paved over as a result, and the destruction and raw power of the earth's creative force is one of the most spectacular sites to ever be seen. This spectacle of nature is often much too dangerous to be viewed up close without the benefit of helicopter flights and visitors are prohibited to go close to these most spectacular fiery displays. The only way to realistically see the active volcano on the Big Island of Hawaii is by a helicopter tour or a small plane tour.

It should be remembered however that the reason the Big Island is called the "Big Island" is that it is very, very big (it is a fact that the total land area of all the other islands combined would fit within the confines of the island of Hawaii) and as a result the helicopter tours that leave from Kona to view the volcano are generally over two hours in length and are respectively fairly expensive.

Many people as a result choose to drive the 2 or 3 hours or so from Kona to Hilo and depart from there as the helicopter tour or small plane tours to see Kilauea are only 45 or 50 minutes in length and considerably less expensive. The longer helicopter tours do have their merit however as they visit the slopes of both Mauna Kea and Mauna Loa as well as the spectacular Kohala Coastline. So if money is not an object please enjoy the longer helicopter tours and small plane tours on the Big Island of Hawaii.

Some considerations regarding your Big Island of Hawaii Helicopter flight:

  • During the Hawaii helicopter tour wear dark-colored clothing if you're going to be taking your own photographs. White or light- colored clothing will reflect in the windows and show up in the image.

  • Morning helicopter flights generally have the least cloud cover. These are also the ones that book up first, especially during busy times so book your Hawaii helicopter tour early in your stay. Better yet, book a morning Hawaii helicopter flight long before you get here.

  • The Kilauea volcano helicopter tour in my opinion is one of the best buys for the money in Hawaii. I say this not in the sense that it is in anyway inexpensive, but that it is probably a sight that you will never again see in your lifetime and is certainly worth every penny of the expense.

Types of helicopters flown on the Big Island of Hawaii:

  • The A-Star is generally considered the "gold standard" for helicopter flights. No matter where you sit you'll have 180-degree visibility. The rotor shaft does not come between the front and back seats and there are no visual impediments interrupting your view forward. The back seat is raised to give a better view above the seats in front and there is an abundance of windows.

  • The Eco-Star or Whisper-Star is actually the enhanced version of the A-Star and is generally considered the "Cadillac" of the touring helicopters. These helicopters are wider allowing for all bucket seats for more comfort. They have about 20% more viewing capacity through the larger windows and they produce less noise as heard from the outside.

  • The Hughes 500 is small, fast and maneuverable. It seats only 4 passengers so each person is guaranteed a window seat. It is often also flown with "doors off" for spectacular photos.

  • The Bell Jet Ranger seats four passengers. It is a little larger than the Hughes and smaller than the A-Star.

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$168.90 - $221.90
(3 Reviews, 5 Stars)

Ascend from the helipad at the Hilo Airport and soar directly to Kilauea to view the current activity and the coastal region devastation by previous lava flows.

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$520.00 - $595.00
(1 Review, 5 Stars)

Experience the fiery lava vents of the Big Island's active volcano, Kilauea. The intensity of the live volcanic landscape will surely take your breath away. This is just one of the unique sights you'll…

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$190.90 - $213.90
(1 Review, 5 Stars)

Departing from Hilo, you will fly over miles of tropical rain forest on your way to the latest activity of Kilauea. View the volcanic rebirth of the island and witness the awesome power. On the return…

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$223.90 - $249.90
(11 Reviews, 4.8 Stars)

Experience the volcanic activity firsthand and feel the heat with a doors off helicopter ride. Then, view the waterfalls above historic Hilo. This is the adventure of a lifetime for those looking for an…

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$409.90 - $450.90
(4 Reviews, 4.8 Stars)

Ascend the slopes of Hualalai between Mauna Loa and Mauna Kea to witness Kilauea's current activity. Return via lush tropical rain forests and emerald green valleys with incredible waterfalls gently…

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$191.90 - $241.90
(3 Reviews, 4.7 Stars)

Fly directly to Kilauea to view the current activity, which may include cinder cones with lava lakes, skylights and lava flows entering the ocean to create black sand beaches. See where some of the homes…

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$513.16 - $563.15
(2 Reviews, 4 Stars)

Paradise'e Circle Island Experience is the only helicopter tour in Hawai'i that ventures south to encompass the entire island in just 2 hours! You'll see all 5 volcanoes, several waterfalls,…

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$1680.00 - $2240.00

On this 2 hour private adventure over the Big Island, you will see a diversity and beauty that rivals any other place in the world. Departing from the convenient Kona Airport, you will head for the most…

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$930.00 - $1240.00

Enjoy a private stunning 75 minute fly-by of some of the best hidden sites that Hawaii's diverse climate can offer. On your flight to Waimea, your helicopter will dip down into the valleys to get up close…

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$632.81 - $682.81

Explore the Hawai'i Volcanoes in flight and by foot. Fly over Kona coffee district and 3 volcanoes including Hualalai, Mauna Kea and Mauna Loa. You will arrive to Hawai'i Volcanoes National Park…

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$548.24 - $598.24

Enjoy a spectacular sunset helicopter tour over paradise! You'll venture North to view the Kona and Kohala coasts followed by views of Mauna Loa, the world's largest volcano! Along your journey…

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$447.90 - $494.90

This Paradise Helicopters exclusive Air Adventure combines the complete circle tour of the Big Island (our Hawaii Experience) with a full or half day in historic downtown Hilo on the Big Island's east…

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$510.00 - $585.00

Experience the fiery lava vents of the Big Island's active volcano, Kilauea. Then, continue on to the hidden tropical valleys of the Kohala Mountains and the beautiful rain forest of the Hamakua Coast.

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$210.00 - $280.00

View the magnificent coastline of Hawaii's Big Island, from Kona to Captain Cook, then back up to Hualalai and Kiholo Bay. See the beautiful beaches of Kua Bay and Makalawena, before returning to Kona…

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$210.00 - $280.00

For those who just want a taste of soaring above it all, this 15 minute Helicopter Experience tour offers a chance to get airborne. Start at Kona airport and fly to Kona Town and back. Chat with our experienced…

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View the awesome beauty of the Kohala Mountains and tour the deep winding valleys such as Waimanu, Pololu and Waipio.

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