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Submarine And Glassbottom Boat Tours on Oahu

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What happens on your Oahu submarine ride?

  • Your underwater submarine tour will begin as you're picked-up at your Waikiki hotel.

  • You will then be delivered to the harbor where you board the special Atlantis shuttle boat which takes you out to the actual submarine itself about a mile of shore which is already poised over its dive site in the channel.

  • After transferring to the submarine your descent will begin. As the submarine makes its initial submersion into the blue Pacific you will be delighted as you get your first glimpse of the underwater world.

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Climb aboard Atlantis XIV, the world's largest hi-tech passenger submarine, and see real marine life up close in their underwater surroundings. The Atlantis Waikiki dive site is home to many Hawaiian…

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Known for its quality and safety, Atlantis is an eye-opening experience that takes you beyond the classroom to learn about reef life while visiting sunken ships, airplanes and other artificial reefs.

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Experience a Friday Night Fireworks display outside of Waikiki. Join the Queen from 7 to 8:30 pm and you're sure to enjoy the Friday night city lights like you've never seen them before. Perfect for any…

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Someone says "Hawaii" and almost subconsciously an image of the iconic landscape of our city on the sea, Waikiki, pops into mind. We're taking the traditional land based viewpoints of Honolulu and turning…

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