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Oahu shark watching tours are unique in all of Hawaii.

Shark watching tours on Oahu seem almost out of place. Jumping into a shark cage and watching dozens of sharks as large and larger than 15 feet in length swarm around you in the open ocean seems like something you might only find on the adventure channel on "This Week Is Shark Week". Yet thousands of people just like you have had this experience and have returned home to tell about it. And......talk about their shark experience they do, almost non-stop probably for days after the event because it had such a major impact upon them.

So how is it possible that something you think is so dangerous that you would only see it on television or in some action motion picture actually be so mainstream as to become popular with the general public? How is it that hundreds and thousands of people have participated in these shark tours over the course of the years these shark tours have been available on Oahu? The answer quite simply is that these shark tours may not be as dangerous as you think.

When I first did it, I must admit that I was a bit hesitant. I knew that many people had done it before but really, how safe could it be to be in a cage that close to huge sharks. The answer was surprising to me. It was extremely easy and appeared to me to be safe.* Are you wondering how this shark watching activity works? What is the process? Here's a brief explanation of how it happened for me on the day I went:

I met the shark boat about 9 am in the morning at Haleiwa Harbor on the north shore of Oahu. It was about an hour's drive from Waikiki so I had to get up and going fairly early. The boat I took had about 12 people or so on board and we motored out into the ocean a bit over three miles out to sea. Suddenly we came to a stop and the captain and crew released a shark cage that was about 7'x5'x9' from its perch on the back of the boat and dropped it into the ocean. The top was open but the sides were all bars like in a jail cell. As we stood on the bottom of the cage our heads were still above water but when we lowered our heads under water with the aid of mask and snorkel we could easily see the water area around us.

The area around the boat was chummed with sliced fish and within minutes sharks arrived in droves. Perhaps there were 20 sharks in all that day and many of them were over 10 feet in length and many much larger. They swam around the cage, often very close, and seemed very curious of the inhabitants inside. They didn't however seem frenzied but actually somewhat docile as they peered at us through the bars of the cage. The cage would hold only two people at a time so we were actually submerged and watching the sharks for only a period of 15 minutes or so but in retrospect it seemed much longer.

The sharks we saw that day were Galapagos Sharks and although other types of sharks can and do show up there we were told that these were by far the most common shark visitors.

After we experienced our shark encounter we were replaced in the cage by another two adventurers from our boat and in this way the entire group completed their investigation of sharks off the coastline of Oahu. Each person upon returning to the boat was "wide eyed" and filled with an adrenalin rush which lasted all the way back to the harbor where we stepped onto dry land none the worse for the experience. In fact I believe that I could speak for the whole group that day in saying that we were much better for the experience as we had a new and different sort of appreciation for these fabulous ocean creatures we refer to as "sharks".

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Travel offshore 3 to 4 miles. Once you get to the area, the shark cage is placed in the water. The cage floats on the surface and measures 9 foot by 9 foot by 8 foot high and is made of metal and plexiglass.…

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Swim with sharks aboard the Mo'o with the original shark boat crew. On this unique tour you'll have a once in a lifetime experience, swimming freely in the deep blue ocean with all kinds of large pelagic…

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$93.50 - $115.50

Swim with sharks! The boat brings a shark cage along. From the safety of the cage you are able to swim with the sharks. The large shark cage can accommodate up to 6 people comfortably with built in hand…

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$39.99 - $69.99

Come experience the exciting new version of the popular Shark Trek adventure that will allow you to get face-to-face with Hawaiian reef sharks and other marine creatures in the Shark Cave without a barrier!…

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