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SCUBA Diving Packages on Oahu

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Oahu SCUBA Diving Tours Offer Some of the Best Diving in Hawaii.

Scuba Diving off the coastlines of Oahu provides some unusual dive site options for scuba divers. Oahu is the most populous island in Hawaii and as such has always had more commercial activity in the way of boating than the other islands. With the increased boat traffic surrounding Oahu comes the increased likelihood of boat and ship accidents and thus Oahu has numerous dive sites that dive to underwater shipwrecks. These dive sites are extremely interesting as they provide an excellent home for sea life. Typically these dives are reserved for experienced divers. Oahu dive sites are some of the most sought after dive locations in the islands.

Obviously many visitors to Oahu would love to dive but have no experience. Consequently there are a multitude of dive companies offering tours to learn how to dive for the first time and also dive classes that will allow you to become a certified diver. It is not every island that will actually take you out on a boat for a two-tank introductory dive for the completely uninitiated but on Oahu these dives are very popular.

The other interesting thing about Oahu dives is that great diving locations can be found on all parts of the island. This will often mean that certain Oahu dives may be available when sea conditions may not be ideal for other dive locations. Having dive locations with exotic names such as the following make it clear that there are a plethora of dive locations to visit and enjoy: Mahi Wreck and Makaha Caverns, Black Rock and Land of Oz, Airplane and Kea'au Corners, Haleiwa Wall and Turtle Cleaning Station, Angler's Reef and Koko Craters, Baby Barge and Fantasy Reef, Corsair Wreck and China Wall Drift, Sea Tiger Wreck and Turtle Canyons, The Trench and many more.

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After the initial 30 minute briefing on equipment and safety, customers will board the shuttle vessel and sail out to Maunalua Bay to receive a final briefing and familiarization of the BOB (breathing…

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$79.00 - $160.00

Looking to go SCUBA diving and possibly see some dolphins too? If so, you should look into the Scuba West Oahu package from Hawaii Nautical. On this trip, you'll cruise the scenic West Oahu coast to…

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$109.00 - $149.00

This tour is perfect for the beginner, rusty diver, or for a certified diver who wants to cruise at shallower depths. Dive sites visited range from reef to crater dives. Many turtles are often seen on…

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$69.90 - $106.90

Beginners welcome!" Our PADI Instructors love novices." Anxious beginners can start on the beach; others can choose a 48-foot platform. Each dive is fully escorted to a depth of 35 feet. 1 or two tank…

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$109.00 - $129.00

The first dive is a deep wreck dive and visits one of the various wrecks on the south and east side of Oahu, ranging in depth from 80 - 107 feet. Wreck sites include Corsair, YO-257, Sea Tiger, San Pedro,…

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o on a truly unique underwater adventure on a submersible scooter in Mauanalua Bay. The underwater scooters will allow you to view the marvels of the sea while effortlessly riding your very own self-propelled,…

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$93.90 - $122.90

Whether you're newly certified, you love longer dive times, more natural light for photography or it's just been a while, our late morning charter is the dive trip for you! We visit two shallow reefs average…

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This early morning dive charter is for the more advanced crowd. We usually dive one deep wreck around 100' and a shallower reef for the second dive 40-60', but with an experienced enough group, the underwater…

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