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Parasailing Rides on Oahu

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Oahu Parasailing rides are fun and exciting!

Parasailing is a sport which makes use of a parachute being pulled by a speed boat. The parachutist is floated via a 400' to 800' pull rope and rises to heights of 400' to 500' above the ocean surface. Everything is controlled by the boat driver and the passenger is virtually along for the ride.
Parasailing had its debut in Oahu about 25 years ago and has become one of the most visual of sports operating off the coast of Honolulu and Waikiki. Unlike Maui, where the parasailing is limited to the summer season when the whales are not visiting, Oahu parasailing happens all year round.

Parasailers can either fly by themselves or be accompanied by another person and seated in tandem. Take-offs and landings are from the back of the parasail boat which makes use of a winch system to reel the parasail up into the Oahu sky.

Oahu Parasailing comes with a few options:
  • For that extra touch of excitement, choose the Oahu parasail version of "touch and go." On the way down they let you hover a while above the ocean surface - just before they dunk you. Wet, wild, and screaming to the heavens, you emerge no worse off for the refreshing dip.

  • If this is too exciting for you? Let the captain know you'd prefer not to get wet and you'll return safe and dry to your Oahu parasailing boat.

  • You can ride your Oahu parasail all by yourself, or you can go up in what we call a "tandem" ride, on the same parasail with a friend.

  • Oahu parasail rides use a harness, leaving your arms and legs free to dangle out in space. Most people will take some time to decide what to do with their hands. At first their hands may be clenched to anything they can grab but after a few minutes they realize it makes zero difference whether they're holding on to anything or not and they begin to relax and appreciate the whole parasailing experience.

How long are Oahu parasail flights and how high do you go?
  • Oahu parasail flights vary between 5 and 10 minutes in length and fly at a height of between 25 and 50 stories high.

  • The height of your parasail flight may depend upon your individual or combined weights and the wind and weather conditions at the time.

Some considerations regarding Oahu parasailing tours.
  • June and July are usually the busiest months for parasailing and the Honolulu skyline is always filled with the graceful movement of the colorful chutes off the coast. Please book early because flight times can book up well in advance.

  • Children are the same pricing as adults.

  • "Observers" who want to go out on the boat only without parasailing, can ride for a reduced rate assuming there is available room on the boat.

  • Don't deceive yourself regarding the power of the mid-day sun. Sunscreen is a must if you have a mid-day parasail flight as you can be out on the water for an hour or more and there are not many shaded areas on parasail boats.

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$61.98 - $257.04
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Parasail off the coast of Oahu and enjoy awesome views of Waikiki, Diamond Head and much more. Utilizing state of the art winch boats enabling you to take off and land on the boat, US Coast Guard licensed…

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$68.36 - $257.04

Jet ski for 30 minutes in protected waters. Turtles are commonly sighted on this ride. You will be instructed by a professional staff about jet-skiing. Also available as a combo package with parasail.…

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$46.90 - $78.90

Parasail in a USCG certified twelve passenger custom made parasail boat, the only one of its kind anywhere in the islands. Soar in front of the Waikiki Coastline framed by the emerald hills of Honolulu…

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$55.90 - $69.90

All ages are welcome aboard the KrantzKraft parasailing boat. Sail high above Maunalua Bay is an exciting adventure.Traditionally, everyone takes a momentary dip in the tropical waters of Maunalua Bay…

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