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Oahu kayaking tours are among the most adventurous and beautiful activities the island has to offer.

Kayak tours are a treat on all islands but the kayak tours on Oahu provide some of the most beautiful kayaking anywhere in the state. Perhaps the most interesting kayaking on Oahu is to be found on its eastern coastline in the Kailua, Lani Kai and Kaneohe areas but kayaking tours can also be found on Oahu's North Shore.

The eastern shoreline of Oahu is only about a half-hour drive from Waikiki through the tunnels in the center of the island. What makes kayaking along this Kailua coastline so beautiful and intriguing are the Mokulua Islands immediately off shore and the spectacular coral formations and marine life to be found on these kayak tours.

    The Mokulua Islands lie just one-mile off the coast of Kailua on Oahu's windward side. These islands are very small and very beautiful. Not only are these islands uninhabited by people but they are also a marine bird reserve protected by the government. Kayaking to these islands across the Kailua Bay is like entering another world. Standing next to your kayak on their pristine white sand beaches one can look back at the hubbub and activity on Oahu from the perspective of an outsider. The kayak tour across to the Moku'lua's is a short one but you feel that you may as well be a million miles away. On most kayak tours here you will also be given an opportunity to hike about the island and on calm days you can actually kayak to the enclaves on the windward side of the Mokulua Islands themselves. Kayak surfing along the coast of the Moku'lua's is usually also an option.

  • The coral formations and marine life in the Kailua Bay which separates Oahu from the Mokulua Islands is some of the most beautiful to be found while kayaking in Hawaii. The water between the islands is shallow as you kayak right over the top of huge coral formations and the crystal clarity of the protected waters is usually supreme. The abundance of coral and shallow waters also creates a separate color of the whole marine area and the water you kayak through actually has an emerald green tint in relation to the blue waters off the coast of Waikiki.

  • Snorkeling on these kayak tours is also an excellent experience as you get an opportunity to skim right over the tops of this coral reef and view its formations in detail.

Kayaks are generally offered as a single or double, depending upon your preference and some of the kayaking companies also have special "see through" kayaks made of transparent material which essentially makes the inside of your kayak a giant face mask. Turtles, dolphins and whales in season also can make this Oahu kayak tour one to remember.

Some additional considerations about your Oahu Kayak Tour.
  • No experience is necessary for your Oahu kayaking tours.

  • Many kayak tour companies emphasize the eco tour aspects of the excursion.

  • Some kayak tour companies will also include pick-up from your Honolulu or Waikiki hotel.

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(1 Review, 5 Stars)

Meet at the shop to pick up your kayak (racks provided) and enjoy a tour in beautiful Kailua Bay, accompanied by a local, knowledgeable tour guide. This tour is good for beginner and advanced kayakers…

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(1 Review, 5 Stars)

Enjoy a guided eco-tour with our certified instructors. Your journey will take you to the protected waters of Kaneohe Bay, which is an ideal place for kayakers of all skill levels. During your three our…

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(1 Review, 5 Stars)

Trained naturalists will lead you right to the protected green sea turtles on this unforgettable adventure. Then, paddle off to secret offshore snorkeling spots while your guide explains interesting facts…

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(1 Review, 5 Stars)

Your adventure begins when you're picked up at your hotel in Waikiki for your trip to Kailua. You will make a quick stop by our store to sign waivers and take part in a safety briefing with weather assessment,…

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(3 Reviews, 4.7 Stars)

This tour is perfect for competent adventure minded beginners, intermediate and experienced kayakers. Guides will lead you to secluded islands, hidden tide pools, secret coves, turtle grounds and show…

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$45.00 - $65.00
(1 Review, 4 Stars)

Twogood Kayaks will outfit you with super stable sit-on-top kayaks (or sleeker models if you prefer), deliver your kayaks to the beach, give you a quick 5 minute lesson to get you started as well as an…

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As if life isn't adventurous enough, here's something for the folks that live, thrive, and survive on adventure. Far away from the crowds of Waikiki and the North Shore. This tour is for those who really…

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Perfect for first time kayakers and families with children over 8 years old. They will teach you how to paddle with ease and efficiency. You'll even catch a few waves on the way back. Tours are from…

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You have a choice of kayak or standup paddle board for this tour. Every tour starts with a safety briefing, a short lesson on the basics of paddling, and a description on what you can expect to see on…

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Meet at the shop to pick up your kayak (racks provided) and take a self guided kayak tour in beautiful Kailua Bay. This tour is good for beginner and advanced kayakers alike. We will give you a briefing…

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$49.00 - $65.00

Windward WaterSports offers a full service kayak rental experience. All you need to do is paddle. Come to the shop to pick up your kayak, and one of the staff will give you a short informative briefing…

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Designed for the independent adventurer; your tour takes place in a safe environment for beginners and advanced alike. Explore by kayak to find secluded islands, hidden tide pools, secret coves and turtle…

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Hawaiian Surf Adventures is thrilled to announce that they are now offering double hull Hawaiian canoe tours. This two hour canoe lesson and tour leaves from Koko Marina Shopping Center, through Hawai'i…

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Departing from Waikiki, professional nature guides will shuttle you by van to Kualoa Ranch, where your adventure begins. Stop in for a quick historical film on Kualoa's past before beginning an easy…

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Your 120 mile narrated circle island tour of Oahu will give you the highlights of the island and some time to spend snorkeling with the majestic Hawaiian sea turtle at some of Oahu's most famous beaches.…

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