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Helicopter Tours on Oahu

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Oahu helicopter tours are the most spectacular way to see the island!

Oahu helicopter rides provide you with the very best opportunity to view the spectacular countryside, jungle forests, hidden waterfalls and wild terrain that is beyond the visible scope of most Oahu visitors. Because Oahu is the most populated of the Hawaiian Islands most people don't realize that some areas of the island are as remote as locations on other islands and can only truly be viewed from above by one of Oahu's helicopter flights. This viewpoint is often so predominant that clients have asked us for years about the worthiness of an Oahu helicopter flight in comparison to the helicopter rides found on the other islands. Certainly it would be improper to diminish the impact of helicopter flights on any other Hawaii location because each island's helicopter rides provide a totally unique perspective of each island, but the perspective provided by the helicopter tours on Oahu completely enhance the perspective of the visitors Oahu experience. There is no other way for instance, for a visitor to understand the dichotomy and absolute distinction between Oahu's city landscape and its remote and isolated mountain zones than from the air in a helicopter. The views seen in these remote areas are so beautiful, stunning and coveted that filming them from the air by helicopter has become the stock and trade of Hollywood's most important directors and the scenes filmed at these locations have shown up in some of the most popular movies ever made by the film industry, such as Jurassic Park.

Most people tend to think about Oahu as simply Honolulu and Waikiki, but it is much more. Like the other Hawaiian islands, much of Oahu can only be seen from the vantage point of the air above. The helicopter flights of Oahu circle the island highlighting the major points of interest.

Oahu is the second oldest of the major Hawaiian Islands, its volcanoes having been extinct for over three-million years. The intensity of the rain, wind and oceans constantly eroding the surfaces of Oahu have created an island with razor sharp ridges and enormous gorges and valleys with waterfalls surrounded by the richest of emerald green foliage, vibrant flowers and immense forests. All this and more can be easily seen on a 45 minute helicopter flight departing from Honolulu.

Where will the Oahu Helicopter Tours take you?

  • The most popular tours for the Oahu helicopter flights are the 45 minute to an hour Circle Island flights. Oahu is just the perfect size to be adequately seen in 45 minutes to one hours time.

  • The shortest flights offered are 30 minutes in length and visit the Honolulu and Waikiki areas before circling around the coast to Makapu'u Point and doubling back over the Nuumanu Pali to Honolulu.

  • If you care to drive out to the North Shore to meet your helicopter flight you will find one of the best values with a doors-off flight that will take you to some of the most beautiful areas on the island on the opposite side from Honolulu.

What types of helicopters are used on your Oahu flights?

  • The md500 is a sporty and fast helicopter with first class seating both rear and front with plenty of leg room.

  • The A-Star is generally considered the "gold standard" for Oahu helicopter flights. No matter where you sit you'll have 180-degree visibility. The rotator shaft does not come between the front and back seats and there are no visual impediments interrupting your view forward. The back seat is raised to give a better view above those seated in the front and there are an abundance of windows.

  • The Bell Jet Ranger seats four passengers. It is an American built helicopter just a bit smaller than the A-Star.

With regard to photography on your Oahu helicopter flight.

  • Most helicopter companies will provide you with a video of your actual Oahu helicopter flight. These are taken from cameras mounted on the outside of the aircraft and tape the flight that you actually took.

  • All Oahu helicopters allow you to take video or photography from your helicopter flight on your own and some provide flights that have the doors removed for better viewing and taking of photos.

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$182.90 - $212.90
(3 Reviews, 5 Stars)

This is more of an adventure ride than a tour-- a sensory rush with the wind in your hair. Guests fly in the same helicopter used in the Magnum P.I. television series. Every seat has an excellent view.…

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$181.90 - $215.90
(2 Reviews, 5 Stars)

This spectacular tour shows you the very best of the island. Depending on weather conditions the pilot will select the most suitable route to show you all the must see attractions and scenic vistas, from…

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$157.02 - $182.02
(2 Reviews, 5 Stars)

Experience the North Shore's old country beauty. Sacred Falls, Kahana Bay, Waimea Bay and the powerful waves of Sunset Beach and Pipeline.

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(1 Review, 5 Stars)

Enjoy the ultimate Hawaii Volcano Tour, an exclusive adventure for your Hawaiian vacation! Visit Hawaii's only active volcano on our Hawaii Volcano Eco-Adventure Tour, and fly over the volcano on an…

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$246.90 - $276.90
(1 Review, 5 Stars)

This 60 minute grand adventure is a continuation of the Oahu Special Tour and continues on to Kaneohe Bay, Chinaman's Hat, Ko'olau Ranch, Sacred Falls, over the Polynesian Cultural Center and the…

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$200.88 - $225.88
(1 Review, 5 Stars)

Experience an unforgettable journey over areas of the North Shore,the Ko'olau Mountains, beautiful coral beds of Kaneohe Bay, Kaliuwa'a (sacred falls), Arizona Memorial and much more. For the ultimate…

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$133.90 - $153.90
(1 Review, 4 Stars)

This 30 minute tour begins with a beautiful view of placid Keehi Lagoon and continues over historic Honolulu Harbor. Here you will see Aloha Tower, once the tallest structure on the island, as well as…

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$4309.80 - $7241.25

The Big Island, the largest of all Hawaiian islands, continues to grow as Kilauea volcano erupts. See this spectacular site from the most ideal location, the sky! Along your journey, enjoy the sights…

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This private option is ideal for professional or amateur photographers who have one specific area on the island they are interested in photographing and maybe want to shoot it from many angles, repeatedly.

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$279.82 - $379.82

Fly in the replica "The Chopper" helicopter from Magnum, P.I. and cruise along the same flight route as in the opening scene of the show! You will also see Oahu's world famous North Shore, Pearl Harbor,…

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This adventure has it all! On your approximately 60 minute journey you will experience everything - the famed Waikiki Shoreline to spectacular Diamond Head Crater. Your adventure also includes the famous…

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$269.90 - $306.90

Get a bird's-eye view of Pearl Harbor and the bookends of WWII, the Arizona Memorial and the Battleship Missouri. You'll see historic Honolulu harbor, bustling Aloha Tower Marketplace and downtown…

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$218.42 - $243.42

Savor the brilliant hues of the "golden hour" and the Hawaiian sunset from a truly unique vantage on the North Shore Sunset Spectacular. Over thirty minutes, you'll witness how the landscape, laid out…

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Add to your Waikiki Adventure with additional exploration of the southern part of the island. Sites include the famous Koko Head and the volcanic formed tuff ring, Hanauma Bay. You will see the Makapuu…

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$154.90 - $173.90

This tour is designed for guests of Ko'olina, Ihilani and Disney's Aulani resort. It begins and terminates at the Ko'olina Marina. Guests will see Pearl Harbor, Ke'ehi Lagoon, Aloha Tower…

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Follow the famed Waikiki Shoreline to spectacular Diamond Head Crater. Your adventure also includes a flyover of USS Arizona Memorial/Pearl Harbor.This tour is available doors-on or doors-off.

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