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Lanai, also called the "Pineapple Island", sits just 8 miles off the coast of Maui, directly across the channel from Lahaina. Lanai has an interesting history from early settlement by the Polynesians to today's world-class visitor destination.

In the 1800's Lanai was purchased by the Dole family and became the major producer for the Dole Pineapple Company. This role has diminished in recent years and Lanai has now taken a front seat in the tourist industry.

The smallest of the major Hawaiian Islands, and the least populated, Lanai has a mystique that continues to attract visitors. And why not? Its pristine white sand beaches, its two famous luxury resorts (Manele Bay Hotel and the Lodge at Koele), its world-class golf courses, its abundant reefs and striking coastline, its tremendous diving locations, and its sizable dolphin population have proved to be powerful draws for visitors from around the world. There is something for everyone on this lovely little island called "Lanai".

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(9 Reviews, 5 Stars)

Head across the channel to the island of Lanai. Spinner and Bottlenose Dolphins are often encountered off the island of Lanai with lots of tropical reef fish, green sea turtles and occasional manta rays…

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(5 Reviews, 5 Stars)

The adventure begins in Lahaina Harbor where we set sail across the Au'au' channel to Lana'i. A continental breakfast featuring some of Hawaii's tastiest tropical fruit is served as you enjoy the panoramic…

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(5 Reviews, 5 Stars)

The backside of Lanai has an amazing coastline with clear water, a lot of fish and some fantastic snorkeling. See ancient burial sites, ship wrecks, caves, towering sea cliffs and blowholes that can shoot…

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(5 Reviews, 5 Stars)

Snorkel at three different snorkel sites. Includes snorkeling instruction and equipment, a light breakfast, juice and soda. Also available are optical masks, boogie boards, waist belts and underwater…

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(4 Reviews, 5 Stars)

A landing is made on Lanai at Manele Harbor and guests then take a short 1/4 mile walk to Hulopo'e Bay Marine Reserve with its beautiful white sand crescent beach. Shaded picnic tables are available…

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(1 Review, 5 Stars)

Head southwest from Kaanapali for the north shore of the remote island of Lanai for a fun-filled day. The shoreline of the west side of Lanai stretches 35 miles and exhibits some of the most pristine sights…

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(8 Reviews, 4.9 Stars)

This trip is what Trilogy is best known for. Depart from Lahaina Harbor at around 10:00 am (occasionally there is a sunrise departure at 6:30am). Start your day with an island style breakfast of Mama Coon's…

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(11 Reviews, 4.5 Stars)

Full day rafting adventure to Lanai (weather permitting). This is a unique exploration both above and below the oceans surface. Explore beaches, sea caves, ship wrecks, hidden coves, fish, sea turtles,…

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(10 Reviews, 4.3 Stars)

Crossing the Au Au channel, begin your island circle at shipwreck beach. The rusted hulls of the shipwrecks date back to WW II. Travel down the wind swept coast where miles of isolated white sand beaches…

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(7 Reviews, 4.1 Stars)

Explore dramatic shorelines and visit a beautiful bay where wild spinner, bottlenose and spotted dolphins are encountered. Includes a continental breakfast, BBQ lunch and one snorkel site

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$400.00 - $2400.00

Design your own custom raft adventure. Custom, private charters include a continental breakfast and a deli lunch.

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$505.90 - $1549.90

Treat yourself and your family or group to this very special private tour. This minimum three hour private charter offers (weather and ocean conditions permitting) a narrated tour around the famous "Shipwreck"…

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$124.90 - $1000.00

This is the only catamaran departing from Kaanapali Beach that will take you to Lanai for a snorkel, sailing adventure. As you set off for the island of Lanai you will be offered breakfast and coffee prepared…

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Spend the day snorkeling the beautiful water surrounding the island of Lanai and visit several different snorkel sites (weather permitting). Spinner dolphins are seen quite often on this tour. All snorkeling…

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This three and a half hour snorkel trip includes all snorkel gear, healthy snacks and beverages. Travel in an extremely fast zodiac raft, which offers a more adventurous (and a bit rougher) ride than the…

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Head to the remote island of Lanai for a fun-filled morning. View, swim and snorkel with turtles, dolphins, spotted eagle rays, moray eels and a number of colorful fish species among the coral reef. This…

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