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Submarines and Glass-Bottom Boats on Maui

Submarine And Glassbottom Boat Tours on Maui

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Maui Submarine Tours

  • If you're one of the few who have been on a submarine, I'll bet it didn't have windows! Here's your chance to board a $4.5 million submarine, dive to a depth of 150 feet, and cruise around the ocean floor for the better part of an hour and see everything out there from the best vantage point possible. Sound exciting? A Maui submarine tour is!
  • Your Maui submarine tour will include a visit to a specially designed artificial reef based around the scuttling of the once popular tour attraction boat called the Carthaginian which was a replica of an 1800's vintage supply ship. Being badly in need of extensive repairs a decision was made that a better use for the vessel would be to sink in it in the nearby coastal waters and allow fish and coral formations to use it as a home. Today our Maui submarines dive on this artificial ship reef with its intriguing colony of underwater guests.
  • The climate-controlled cabin and giant viewing ports make your submarine tour below the surface both comfortable and interesting. You'll see hundreds and hundreds of fish and coral heads of all sizes and colors. Sometimes you'll see eels, rays and occasionally a shark. As you inch along the sea floor, more and more is revealed, color upon color, shape upon shape. During the winter months whales have swum into view. Each submarine tour is different, but each dive is exciting, informative and educational.
  • During my first Maui submarine tour, I remember thinking how incredible it was to be down that deep for that long. It dawned on me that I was actually spending a small part of my day on the ocean floor. This underwater world was a world which had previously only been available to me via motion pictures or television as even on my former snorkeling excursions I had never dived that deep. I remember thinking how wonderful it would be if every child could have this experience. They would be aware for the rest of their lives that there was a marine world below the surface of the water happening in real time every moment of the day just as they're lives were happening. Was I impressed with my first submarine tour? You bet, and I know you will be as well!

Maui Glass Bottom Boats -- Semi-Submersibles

  • The underwater experience of a glass-bottom boat is similar to that on a submarine except you remain on the ocean surface. The cost is less but the visual impact can be impressive as well.

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Enjoy a submarine adventure and admission to the Maui Ocean Center, Maui Tropical Plantation and the Bailey House Museum. All tours are open daily.

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Marvel at Maui's unique underwater paradise aboard a high tech 48 passenger submarine. Guests view the unique fascinating natural coral reefs, fish and marine life in air conditioned comfort and safety,…

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Experience a fabulous submarine adventure and the popular oceanfront luau with a lei greeting, traditional imu ceremony, an all you can eat Hawaiian luau buffet and open bar.

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Reef tour in West Maui offers all window seats, air conditioning, and a reef expert on board to narrate the tour. They also offer professional divers that do a marine life search to bring critters right…

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