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Fishing Charters on Maui

Fishing Charters on Maui

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Every Maui deep sea fishing aficionado knows the adrenaline rush of a fish-strike - the high-pitched whine of the line uncoiling from a smoking reel, the scramble to strap into the fighting chair and the first glimpse of a silver adversary far behind the boat. Few experiences compare to the drama and exhilaration of finding yourself at the business end of a fishing line attached to a Pacific Blue Marlin.

Where do the Maui fishing charters depart from?
Lahaina and Maalaea harbors are well-known throughout the island chain as the places to find the finest sport fishing charters and deep sea fishing charters in Maui. If you are staying on the West side of the island in Kaanapali, Napili, Kahana, Kapalua or Lahaina your closest Maui fishing charter is going to be from Lahaina Harbor. If you're staying anywhere on the southern coast like Kihei, Wailea, Makena or Maalaea or staying somewhere upcountry your closest departure for Maui Sport fishing is going to be from Maalaea.

What types of fish are caught?
The waters around Maui are home to the Pacific Blue, Striped and Short Billed Marlin, the Skipjack and Yellowfin Tuna, Mahimahi, Wahoo (Ono), Trevally, Shark, Barracuda, and Hawaiian Salmon. These are the same fish you'll find on the dinner menu at your favorite seafood restaurant most nights.

Types of Maui Sport Fishing Boats:
Fishing boats are available in a variety of sizes and come equipped with a whole range of gear, from basic equipment to the best in state-of-the-art big game sport fishing. Some boats offer large salons, stereo systems, galleys with microwave oven, refrigerator and freezer, showers, covered bridge, cellular phone, air conditioning, color video fish finders, Penn International reels and rock-away fighting chairs.

Bottom fishing off Maui is fun too!
You drop your line over the side and just about always catch something, although the fish are usually much smaller than the big game varieties found of the Maui sport fishing charters. Most of the Maui bottom fishing consists of drifts in about a hundred feet of water or so. The types of fish you will likely catch on Maui bottom fishing charters are Ta'ape Gray Snapper and Trevally as well as a number of other varieties. People are always happy to catch fish on their fishing charters even if they may only be five pounds or so, but you never know, much larger fish are occasionally caught on Maui bottom fishing charters.

Best Months of the year for fishing in Maui:
Of course, with regard to Maui fishing, every type of fish caught on Maui has its particular times when it is more likely to be caught. With regard to the most popular types of Maui big game fish however the "golden zone" is May and June. This is not to say that other months of the year will not be suitable for fishing on Maui but your greatest likelihood of catching Marlin, Tuna, Mahi Mahi and Trevally will be during these times. If you extrapolate outward a couple of months on each side you will still be in the peak fishing seasons. That being said, if you're not coming during that time of year don't simply blow off your trip...........remember: a bad day of fishing is still better than a good day at work! One additional note: Bottom Fishing on Maui is usually great all year long.

Yearly weather conditions as they relate to Maui fishing:
Maui fishing charters will go our all year long and can, and do catch fish at all times of the year. Maui fishing conditions on Maui fishing charters can vary considerably depending upon the day. As a rule you can expect the rougher weather and water conditions to happen during the storm season in the winters. Storm seas at that time can make things uncomfortable for Maui fishing charters but keep in mind that the days between any storm surge in the winter months can be some of the most delightful days of the year. These days are likely to not have any trade wind conditions to deal with and are often very flat and calm. It is not always possible to pick the best days for fishing on Maui during the winter as one day can be very different from the next so just like all forms of fishing itself, you simply pay your money and take your chances because fishing, as you know, has no guarantees. During the summer months the seas can be a bit more predictable having a constant predominance of the trade winds which blow from the northeast. Summers are quite warm and sunny and the abundance of fish on Maui at these times make a Maui fishing charter ideal.

Some things you should know about sport fishing on Maui:

  • Private charters book the whole boat for the exclusive use of you and your group. If you are a serious fisherman, generally speaking the private charter route is the best way to go. If you charter your own boat you will be guaranteed to know the people you will be fishing with. You will also have more say with the captain regarding the decisions that will be made regarding where you will fish and what type of fish you will be on the hunt for. You also have the advantage on a private Maui fishing charter to have the whole boat to yourself or maybe just one other friend. We have booked charters over the years for a week straight with just one fisherman on board..........pricy, yes..........but you're enjoying your fishing charter with no-one to interrupt.
  • You may choose to go on a "share boat" with a group of people, usually maximum 6. This is going to be the least expensive way to arrange for a Maui fishing charter. The share boat charters do have some downsides but not enough to torpedo your fishing adventure. First off most boats usually need four persons before they can confirm a fishing charter. If you are a couple (which is how most people come) you will not be able to confirm your charter until at least another couple signs up. This in itself can skewer your vacation planning because that day will remain in flux until booked. Secondly, you have no control over who else your fishing mates will be and you will have less say with the captain as to what type of fish you will be going after and what areas you will be going fishing on Maui.
  • Fishing trips are 4 hours, 6 hours, or 8 hours. Generally speaking, your best bet if your are seriously interested in catching fish is to take a longer charter. The six-hour Maui fishing charters are really the shortest we would recommend for this reason: Although fish can be, and are caught just after leaving the harbors, the best fishing zones are usually in the deeper water an hour away on the back side of Lanai or Kahoolawe. By the time you reach the fishing grounds you've already spent an hour of your charter and with an hour to get back only leaves you about two hours to fish the more likely places to catch fish. If you take a six-hour charter you literally double your fishing in the best spots and of course an eight hour tour will give you six hours there. With all being said and done, the longer the Maui fishing charter, the better your chances are for catching fish.
  • Fishing trips can leave in the morning or afternoon. Fish of course can be caught at any time of day but usually the morning charters offer the best in the way of calm ocean conditions and lack of wind.
  • All equipment, licenses, instruction and ice are provided by the boat, everything else is left for you to bring. You will need to prepare your lunch to bring on board and bringing beer along is a time honored tradition. The odd Hawaiian custom of not allowing bananas on board is relentlessly adhered to as they are said to bring bad luck and your clothing should be appropriate for the day. Most fishing charters on Maui take place in the heat of the day and so sunscreen is a must. Some type of waterproof jacket will often be well advised on days that are overcast.
  • The "tag and release" option is usually left up to you. Discuss this with the captain at the beginning of your trip so there will be no surprises.
  • The general custom on Maui fishing charters is to allow the boat to keep the fish. This enables them to make up for the cost of lost lures and ever-increasing fuel costs. The crew will usually make sure you are given enough filets from the fish to take home to enjoy a great fish-fry but once again this should be made known before the charter begins on any specific Maui fishing boat.

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Guests will learn about Hawaii's reef fish and try their hand at spearfishing. They will meet instructor at designated area then be educated on reef fish identified as invasive as well as edible.…

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$204.90 - $999.90
(1 Review, 5 Stars)

6 hour private or share boat fishing trip on Luckey Strike.

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$163.90 - $2694.88
(4 Reviews, 4.8 Stars)

Enjoy a combination of sport fishing and bottom fishing. Spend the morning trolling and sport fishing, stopping to drop some hooks down deep. All tackle (captain's choice of bait and/or lures), expert…

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$67.90 - $134.90
(4 Reviews, 4.8 Stars)

A 4 hour bottom fishing excursion is perfect for families and those wanting a shorter time on the water. All tackle (captain's choice of bait and/or lures), expert instruction, a sandwich lunch, chips,…

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(4 Reviews, 4.5 Stars)

Takes you straight to the grounds for a chance to hook the big ones, and of course the tasty ones if you would like to keep your catch for dinner. Bait, tackle, snacks and the personal attention of the…

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$210.00 - $250.00
(1 Review, 4 Stars)

Come along on an exciting shared fishing adventure. A shared charter will have 4 to 6 anglers on board.

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(1 Review, 4 Stars)

Drop your line off the southern shore of Maui and enjoy some tropical bottom fishing aboard the "Hokua". Fish for a variety of Hawaiian fish including Papio, Ulua, Wrasses and other Hawaiian bottom fish.…

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$399.00 - $1399.00

Reserve your own private charter for as little as a 2 hour afternoon or from 4 hours up to 9 hours of fishing enjoyment. The 9 hour charter departs at 3:30am. Includes Penn International rods and reels…

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$850.00 - $1250.00

Set out for a day of fishing with your own private boat. This custom fishing trip will trawl for Ahi, Ono, Marlin, Mahi-Mahi and more. Generally the longer trip catches more fish due more time in deep…

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An 8 hour custom private trip for you and your private party includes a licensed Captain and experienced crew, equipment, bait and ice. Guests need to bring food and beverages. No glass containers or…

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$237.90 - $1201.90

8 hour private fishing trip on Luckey Strike.

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A 6 hour custom private trip for you and your private party includes a licensed Captain and experienced crew, equipment, bait and ice. Guests need to bring food and beverages, a towel, hat and suntan…

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Enjoy your bottom fishing excursion with flexible hours and you get the whole boat to yourself and up to 9 friends or family members. 7:30 am departure is still recommended for the best chance of favorable…

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$823.90 - $1095.90

Hinatea is a great fishing boat for families or real serious fishermen. Charters provide year round fishing for mahimahi, ono, ahi, marlin and other billfish. Fall, winter and spring: grey snapper, ulua,…

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Enjoy any customized combination of snorkeling at Molokini and Turtle Town or both. Sport fishing, bottom fishing and whale watching (in season) available as well.

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A 4 hour custom private trip for you and your private party includes a licensed captain and experienced crew, equipment, bait and ice. Guests need to bring food and beverages. Also bring a towel, hat,…

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$900.00 - $1080.00

Combine sports or bottom fishing, snorkeling, sight seeing or whatever! This 4 hour trip includes all bait, tackle, and new top of the line equipment. Plus we troll between bottom fishing spots, giving…

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$179.00 - $799.00

Inshore sport fishing is for those who prefer calm waters and shorter trips. These exclusive fishing trips are operated in calm executive waters closer to shore, making this our top recommended charter…

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$163.90 - $799.90

4 hour private fishing trip on Luckey Strike.

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$187.90 - $751.90

Come with us and we will take you straight to the Maui Fishing grounds for a chance to hook the big ones, and of course the tasty ones if you would like to keep your catch for dinner. Bait, tackle, and…

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Coastline tour, ash scattering, sunset photo shoot, whale watching, sightseeing or just a boat ride.

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$250.00 - $300.00

Customize your charter to fit your desires. Enjoy fishing, snorkeling, and sightseeing, or whale watching when in season. You can choose to go to Lana'i, Molokini, La Perouse or the Kanaio Coast.

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$187.90 - $375.90

Rent Pamela and make up your own itinerary. Perhaps a coastline tour, whale watch, sunset photo shoot or just a boat ride. There is a two hour minimum required on private charters.

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$210.90 - $224.49

Go out for some deep sea fishing aboard the Hinatea! This comfortable boat is great for families and groups with a shaded cabin. Generally the longer trips (6 and 8 hours) will be getting past the deep…

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Share a charter with others and we will take you straight to the Maui Fishing grounds for a chance to hook the big ones, and of course the tasty ones if you would like to keep your catch for dinner. Bait,…

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$129.00 - $279.00
(2 Reviews, 1.5 Stars)

Reserve your shared fishing charter for as little as a 2 hour afternoon or from 4 hours and up to 9 hours of fishing enjoyment. The 9 hour charter departs at 2:30am (times vary with season). Includes Penn…

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