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Dolphin Excursions on Maui

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Dolphins on Maui win the award for being the most popular marine mammal. Everyone loves Dolphins!
The life cycle of dolphins is similar to that of other cetaceans. As mammals, dolphins bear live young and the mothers nurse them on milk and provide care. A dolphin calf is born tail-first with eyes open, senses alert and enough muscular coordination to follow its mother immediately. At birth, the mother helps her calf to the surface to get its first breath. While nursing lasts between one and a half to two years, the mother will remain with her calf for a period between three and eight years. There is some variation in the age at which sexual maturity is reached, the reproduction rate and the life expectancy among the different species of dolphins. Most species tend to bear one calf every other year or so during their reproductively active years and are believed to have an average life expectancy of about thirty years.

The two most popular species of dolphins located in Maui waters are the Spinner dolphins and the Bottlenose dolphins:

  • Spinner dolphins are the smallest of Maui's common dolphins. Dolphins are generally between five and six feet in length and weigh 130 to 200 pounds. Hawaii has its own subspecies that is easy to recognize by its distinctive "three-tone" color pattern which consists of a sharply defined dark gray "cape" on their backs, a stripe of lighter gray on their sides and a white or pink belly. This species gets its name from its spectacular habit of leaping high into the air and spinning several times on their tails before falling back into the water. Researchers are not sure why the dolphins spin, but most people who have had the opportunity to watch the dolphins don't seem to mind, and find it a real treat.
  • Some Maui scuba dive shops and companies even offer a two-tank dive for beginners. You'll get used to the tanks and other scuba diving apparatus during your first scuba dive and, once comfortable in the water, your second scuba dive provides the diving experience you are seeking.
  • The Bottlenose Dolphins are not seen as frequently but there are lots of them out there. They usually travel in smaller pods and are much larger dolphins. They are usually well over six feet in length and weigh in excess of 400 pounds.

Around Maui, dolphins congregate at night in large herds in the deep channels between the islands to feed. During the day, dolphins break up into smaller groups and come near shore to rest and play. A few of the places where dolphins can commonly be seen on Maui are along the southern boundaries of Maui especially the La Perouse Bay and Kanaio area and off the coastline of Lanai.

As anyone who has had the opportunity to watch dolphins perform in a show can attest, dolphins have an impressive ability to learn and imitate behaviors, often for what appears the sheer pleasure of doing so. This observation, together with their large brain size, has led to numerous studies of dolphin intelligence. Dolphins' brains are about the size of our own. Unlike Maui's famous humpback whales, dolphins are year-round residents of Maui and can be seen swimming off all the Hawaiian islands during virtually every month of the year.

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(9 Reviews, 5 Stars)

Head across the channel to the island of Lanai. Spinner and Bottlenose Dolphins are often encountered off the island of Lanai with lots of tropical reef fish, green sea turtles and occasional manta rays…

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(5 Reviews, 5 Stars)

The adventure begins in Lahaina Harbor where we set sail across the Au'au' channel to Lana'i. A continental breakfast featuring some of Hawaii's tastiest tropical fruit is served as you enjoy the panoramic…

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(5 Reviews, 5 Stars)

The backside of Lanai has an amazing coastline with clear water, a lot of fish and some fantastic snorkeling. See ancient burial sites, ship wrecks, caves, towering sea cliffs and blowholes that can shoot…

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(5 Reviews, 5 Stars)

Snorkel at three different snorkel sites. Includes snorkeling instruction and equipment, a light breakfast, juice and soda. Also available are optical masks, boogie boards, waist belts and underwater…

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(4 Reviews, 5 Stars)

A landing is made on Lanai at Manele Harbor and guests then take a short 1/4 mile walk to Hulopo'e Bay Marine Reserve with its beautiful white sand crescent beach. Shaded picnic tables are available…

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(10 Reviews, 4.9 Stars)

Tour the spectacular lava strewn southern coastline of Maui where the last volcano erupted. Maui Magic takes you past Dolphin Cove, where Maui's resident pods of Spinner Dolphins live and cavort. Explore…

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(8 Reviews, 4.9 Stars)

This trip is what Trilogy is best known for. Depart from Lahaina Harbor at around 10:00 am (occasionally there is a sunrise departure at 6:30am). Start your day with an island style breakfast of Mama Coon's…

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(7 Reviews, 4.9 Stars)

This unforgettable 3 hour boat trip eco-tour is based on 23 years of dolphin research and introduces you to wild whales and dolphins found year round off Maui and Lanai. Experience the intriguing worlds…

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(9 Reviews, 4.8 Stars)

Explore the crystal clear waters of Molokini Crater and Maui's coastline, the home of the Hawaii honu (sea turtle). As you sail from Ma'alaea Harbor, enjoy Mom Coon's home made cinnamon rolls…

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(11 Reviews, 4.5 Stars)

Full day rafting adventure to Lanai (weather permitting). This is a unique exploration both above and below the oceans surface. Explore beaches, sea caves, ship wrecks, hidden coves, fish, sea turtles,…

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(10 Reviews, 4.3 Stars)

Crossing the Au Au channel, begin your island circle at shipwreck beach. The rusted hulls of the shipwrecks date back to WW II. Travel down the wind swept coast where miles of isolated white sand beaches…

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(8 Reviews, 3.8 Stars)

Explore dramatic shorelines and visit a beautiful bay where wild spinner, bottlenose and spotted dolphins are encountered. Includes a continental breakfast, BBQ lunch and one snorkel site

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Spend the day snorkeling the beautiful water surrounding the island of Lanai and visit several different snorkel sites (weather permitting). Spinner dolphins are seen quite often on this tour. All snorkeling…

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This three and a half hour snorkel trip includes all snorkel gear, healthy snacks and beverages. Travel in an extremely fast zodiac raft, which offers a more adventurous (and a bit rougher) ride than the…

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Your morning snorkel adventure is a two destination snorkel excursion and dolphin watching featuring an island style continental breakfast en route to Molokini Crater, and a hot BBQ lunch. Our friendly…

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This snorkel trip departs from Lahaina Harbor and goes over to the island of Lanai. This trip is suitable for all levels of snorkelers including children. It is not uncommon to see dolphins during this…

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