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Cruise Ship Compatible Activities on Maui

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There are 349 tours in this category that range in price from $15.00 to $4900.00.

Cruise Ship Compatible Activities

(If You're Coming To Hawaii on A Cruise Ship This Page Will Save You Time Money.)

Although there are a number of cruise ships that visit the island of Maui we have focused primarily here on the Pride of America cruise ship from Norwegian Cruise Lines because they are the ones that arrive most frequently on the island and on a yearly basis carry the most people.

All the tours we have listed below in our Cruise Ship Activity Finder are specific to the Pride of America Cruise.

Many of these same tours may be applicable as shore excursions for other cruise line companies but you will need to call us for exact details as the various boats offer completely different schedules and are not always in exact alignment with shore excursion timing.

Shore excursions for the Pride of America on the island of Maui:

The Pride of America will arrive at Kahului Harbor at 8:00am on the Sunday of your cruise schedule and will depart on 6:00pm of the next day, Monday.

Because the ship is in port for such a length of time there are many tours that will be available to you.

  • Many tours will provide you with pick-up directly at the boat dock.

    View all shore excursions that will pick you up right at the dock.

  • An additional number of tours and activities are available to you while you are docked in Kahului but will require a Rent-A-Car to drive to the event. Following is a list of tours that fall into this category. You can book these tours online or over the phone but a Rent-A-Car must be booked at the same time so you will be able to drive to the departure point of the activity. Please indicate when you make a tour booking that you would like us to arrange for a car. We often have a choice of rent-a-car models to choose from but we will always choose the one for you that is the least expensive price based upon the number of passengers unless you explain to us that you would prefer a price upgrade.

    View all Maui shore excursions you can drive to if you arrange for us to provide you with a rent-a-car.

    (Overnight Parking: If you are planning to rent a car on Sunday of the cruise ship schedule so you can catch an early tour on Monday morning you will need to park your Rent-A-Car near the ship on Sunday evening. There is a free parking lot very close to the ship you can park in. Often the lot becomes full and then the best thing to do is ask the security guards at the pier to direct you to the best areas to park on the street.)


Tom Barefoot's Tours will not be responsible for cancellation charges imposed by tours that were booked but not attended because of problems regarding Rent-A-Cars, taxis, shuttle services or any other form of transportation. Charges for missed tours within 24 hours of the departure time of the tour are always the total cost of the ticket. Any complications arising by missing the departures of Pride of America from any port due to transportation issues or any other reason are fully the responsibility of the cruise passengers and not Tom Barefoot's Tours.

Look for this symbol in the tour descriptions below to indicate if it is Pride of America compatible.

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