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Attractions on Maui

Attractions on Maui

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The classic definition of an "attraction" is something that draws attention. Certainly that could be considered true of most Maui activities and tours and the places they may go to or see on Maui but for our purposes here the Maui Attractions category is usually something that simply does not naturally fit into any other simple category such as fishing charters or snorkeling or luaus.

Regular Maui Events
When viewed in that light attractions can also be seen as events that may occur at regular times during the year. There are many such events that Maui has to offer and although we do not sell them all here you should be aware that they do exist and if they fit into your schedule during the time of year you are coming, you might want to check into them for a bit of the local Maui color. Some of the attractions that we actually sell tickets for are found on this page but we are including a few events as well that you may want to become more familiar with on your own. They may include:

  • Friday Night is Art Night in Lahaina
  • The Maui Film Festival
  • First Friday Wailuku Street Party
  • Celebration of the Arts
  • The Fourth of July Makawao Rodeo
  • Celebration of the Arts
  • Maui County Agricultural Festival
  • Maui Cultural Diversity Days Celebration
  • Lahaina Banyan Tree Birthday Celebration
  • East Maui Taro Festival
  • May Day Celebration at Kapalua
  • Whalers Village Maui Onion Festival
  • Maui Brewers Festival

We sell tickets to 3 items in the category Attractions on Maui.

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A weeks pass to Maui Ocean Center, the Hawaiian Aquarium, allows you to conveniently explore Hawaii's underwater world without ever getting wet. Explore Hawaii's underwater world up close with over 60…

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Explore Hawaii's underwater world up close with over 60 exhibits that are alive with coral, fish, turtles, sharks and jellyfish. All ages are welcome and there's something for everyone at Maui…

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Enhance your experience with admission and an exclusive one hour behind the scenes educational tour with the opportunity to participate in feeding of marine life. Maui Ocean Center, the Hawaiian Aquarium,…

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