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Zipline Tours on Kauai

See All Activities See All Activities By Vendor Kauai Zipline Tours exploded the zipline industry in the early 2000's

There are 17 tours in this category with adult prices that range in price from $46.90 to $169.90.

Kauai Zipline Tours

Interest in Kauai Zipline tours has zoomed in popularity over the past decade. The zipline tours have swelled to the point that they can customize to a person's special interest or needs. Tom Barefoot's Tours offers discounts on many of the Kauai zipline options.

Kauai's Zipline Courses have certain advantages because of their diversity:

  • Certainly on Kauai you now have a geographical advantage in attending a zipline in the sense that it is likely that one is located near to where you are staying because there are so many courses.
  • Secondly, zip line tours have gradations in terms of their degree of excitement. Some are faster, higher or more adventurous than others. Some are more suited to those wanting the enjoyment without the extreme thrills
  • Kauai zipline tours also have slight gradations in terms of their perceived difficulty. In reality however, ziplines are not difficult at all and almost anyone can choose to do one.
  • In a phrase then, there is a perfect Kauai zipline tour just waiting for you to experience.

It's no surprise that Kauai was among the first locations in the Hawaiian Islands to build zip line courses almost overnight and create a virtual zip line industry on the island. Kauai is a natural for zip lines as its natural topography is one of dramatic canyons, long valleys, scenic ridges, beautiful tall forests, and beautiful views to be seen in every direction.

To be a good zip line course you simply need to have a number of these ingredients and Kauai has everything necessary to rival the best zip line courses to be found around the world. On Kauai you have your choice of zip line course and your choice of zip line locations and if the quality of zip line course is judged in any way by their popularity then it is clear the Kauai zip line courses provide the highest quality experience.

What are the types of Kauai Zip line tour courses?

  • You may tend toward a canopy zipline course that flies through the tree-tops
  • You may prefer the swift moving and heart pumping grand gorge overflies that will ratchet your Adrenalin output for hours to follow.
  • You might also enjoy the excitement and challenge of the close cousin to zipline courses known as "ropes courses" where you traverse difficult rope bridges, rope ladders and perform such feats as the "leap of faith" where you leap from a height of perhaps eighty feet only to be caught by the harness and pulley system before touching the ground.
  • If you enjoy a bit of competition on your zipline adventure perhaps you'd like to speed off on a double zipline with a friend to see who can get to the end of the course first. How about a zipline off the face of a cliff then taking a free-fall into a delicious mountain pool?

Your zip line tour options are seemingly endless on Kauai and this is a fun and exciting pursuit for the whole family.

What are the heights of the various Kauai Ziplines?

Here again the heights above the ground of the various lines varies greatly between zipline courses and once again between the ziplines on the same course. It could generally be said that the height above many of the valley floors and streams running through them would range between 250' to the lowest beginning ziplines or "training zips" of about 25' in height. With regard to the ziplines located in the trees in the forests the zipline platforms average about 80' up in the air.

How fast are the Kauai Ziplines?

The average zipline speed will depend on the length and steepness of the zipline, the inpidual weight of the participant and also upon the cross winds that may be happening at the time of your crossing. Most of the longer ziplines will have you averaging speeds of between 25 to 35 miles per hour.

Another factor which determines zip line speed has to do with how you hold your body during your zip. If you become aerodynamic and streamlined pointing your feet forward and leaning yourself slightly backwards during your zipline you will go faster. If you present yourself with wide body surfaces facing forward you will slow up.

How long are the Kauai Zip lines?

The ziplines vary greatly in length depending upon the valley to be traversed but the longest among them are about 1800' in length.

Norwegian Cruise Line - Pride of America Cruise Ship:

Zipline Tours on Kauai will not pick you up at the cruise ship pier. Your best bet is to either arrange for a taxi to take you to and from the departure location or to have Tom Barefoot's Tours arrange for a Rent-A-Car shuttle to pick you up at the cruise ship pier. The best timing for most of these Kauai Zipline Tours is going to be on the Thursday or Friday of your cruise schedule.

Look for this symbol in the tour descriptions below to indicate if it is Pride of America compatible.

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Princeville Ranch Adventures

4 Activity Options

Ranchland Riding, Hiking and Kayaks, Kayaks and Hiking, Zipline, Zipline Tour and Adventure, Kids Ad

The Princeville Ranch is certainly one of the most beautiful of any in the whole state of Hawaii. With its backdrop of the romantic Hanalei Mountains and it rolling hills to the sea, the Princeville Ranch is the home of a spectacular zip line course, river kayaking, hiking and some of the most amazing horseback riding country to be found anywhere.
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  • 3
  • 4
  • 5
(8 Reviews, 5 Stars)

Koloa Zipline

2 Activity Options

The longest zipline on Kauai

Koloa Zipline is an Eco Friendly Tour that is located on Grove Farm lands. Their 8 line Zipcourse will travel through and above a variety of ecosystmes. Guests will fly through the jungle, soar above the forest, and glide across the water. Koloa Zipline has now officially opened their 1/2 mile long Waita line.
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  • 3
  • 4
  • 5
(6 Reviews, 4.7 Stars)

Outfitters Kauai

4 Activity Options

Hike to a Zipline Adventure, Kayak Tours, Bike Tours and Rides

Outfitters Kauai is an adventure company on Kauai that offers a combination of ocean and river kayaking experiences, hiking tours, bike tours and zipline adventures. Methodically developing one adventure at a time over the course of years, this popular company has produced some of the most notable Kauai adventures available on the island.
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(1 Review, 4 Stars)

Just Live Kauai

3 Activity Options

Tree-Top Zipline Tour and Adventure

Zip-lining on the island of Kauai has become "over the top" popular in recent years and one of the most unusual of the zip-line courses is called "Just Live" and can be found in a pine forest off the roads between the town of Koloa and Lihue. This is the only course on the island that specializes in zipping through the trees.
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Kauai Backcountry Adventures

2 Activity Options

Tube Kauai's Cane Plantation, Zipline across valleys and gulleys

Known as one of the longest zipline courses on the island, Back Country Zipline Adventures, lives up to its reputation. This three-and-one-half hour zipline excursion is also partially traversed on a 4-wheel drive vehicle that negotiates its way up to the zip course through rugged roads at the base of Mount Wai'ale'ale. At tours end you'll be treated to a dip in a waterfall fed pond.
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Skyline Eco Adventures

2 Activity Options

Haleakala Summit Tours and Downhill Bike Tours, 7 Ziplines, Zipline Haleakala, Tree-Top Zipline Tour

Skyline Eco-Adventures is the originator of zipline courses in the United States and one of the exclusive providers of tours to the Haleakala Summit. The very first zipline in the U.S. was opened by Skyline on the slopes of Haleakala on Maui in 2002. Leading the explosion of zipline courses to later be constructed in Hawaii they have since built beautiful courses in Kaanapali, at Akaka Falls on the Big Island and in Poipu on Kauai.
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So if Maui was the first place in Hawaii that ever had ziplines, it was the island of Kauai where they really became popular.

Almost immediately after we had the first ziplines in 2002 on the island of Kauai, sometime shortly after that the first ones started to pop up on Kauai and they sort of spread like wildfire. To this day we have fantastic courses that are on Kauai that are world class some of the most beautiful that you'll find anywhere in the United States.

Kauai was this ideal location for ziplines. Kauai is called the Garden Island. It's called that because there's so much foliage and vegetation. It is the oldest of the Hawaiian Islands. It was the one that's had the longest period of time to break down into soil and create huge ridges and valleys that were just ideal for this new concept of ziplines. So some of the most beautiful areas were set aside for these special ziplines and they are just as gorgeous today as they were originally, plus we've had even more ziplines happen there.

o let's look at the state here or the island of Kauai. On Kauai we have ziplines that range from up on the north shore in Princeville all the way down in Wailua, Lihue area and then in Koloa and working around. No matter where you are on the island you've got ziplines that are close but in reality the island of Kauai is so small that you can choose whichever one you want and it's really not that far away.

The majority of these ziplines are of the traditional variety in the sense that they will traverse a valley or a gorge or a canyon, go from one place to another, a high place to another high place and have the gravity flow pull you from one ridge down to another. There are so many varieties of this on the island, all differing. Each course if completely different than the next course but the one thing that they all have in common is incredible foliage and incredible views that you'll be able to see.

They're different in the sense of how long a number of these are. Some of them are going to be short. Some of them are going to be longer. We have them like 1,800 feet so you've got really long ones. You get to speeds that can get pretty fast probably over 40 miles an hour, something like that. They all start with a short course or a short zip so that you can get used to the idea of what's going to be happening in future zips. They progress usually and then on most of the zipline courses you've got really a nice big couple large ziplines that you go through. Very, very exciting.

So the first variety we have are these zips that go over gorges and valleys and that sort of thing and this is primarily the ones that we have on the island, but we also have canopy zips, ones that are in the treetops where we have a large forest with platforms that are built into trees and you go from one platform through the forest to another platform still in the treetops. Once you actually get into the forest and onto a platform, you just stay up in the top of the forest in this treetop area all the way through to the end of your zipline course.

You'll have a number of usually rope bridges and fun things like that on most of the courses so it's going to be a little bit more than just a zip. Some have unusual characteristics, things that go with them. You can actually zip into a little pond or pool on one of them. So they've all got unusual things about them and you can look through our page on ziplines on Kauai and see the differences.

The one thing that's the same about them is that they're all incredibly fun for sure.

The zipline courses have changed and modified over the course of time. Some of the seats that you have can be different. The old kind you're actually just hanging onto a carabiner and you're turning yourself in this direction or that direction. You have a little bit of control in that way and you're sitting almost like in an old-fashioned swing like when you were a kid maybe, but strapped in. You're not going to fall out.

Then we have others more recent ones that have a little more flushed out chair almost that you're in so in many ways it's a little bit more comfortable but you don't have the control of the carabiners to move you in one direction or another, so it's six of one, half a dozen of the other.

We even have some now that will actually carry two people on the same zip in tandem. That's fairly new.

In addition to just the ziplines that are traditional in these ways, both the treetop and the ones that we have that go over valleys, you can do a ropes course which is a hybrid of a zipline where you go up in ropes. Part of it may be a zipline, part of it you're just going up on ropes doing all sorts of different things, climbing very high, standing on top of a telephone pole, doing a leap of faith where you just fall over and straight down. You're hooked into lines on all of these so you get over your fear of heights if you have them.

These are used a lot with large groups, a lot of corporations and that sort of stuff. They'll bring their whole team in and try to develop some camaraderie and cooperation between the individuals by using these courses but these can be done individually too by just individual family members and so on taking the ropes course.

So there's a number of different things that you can do in addition to just the ziplines on Kauai but they are all fantastic. They are so fun. It's one of the great things that you can do on Kauai. Oftentimes we're really busy on these. It's best to book them in advance if you know that you're going to be doing them.

Anyway, ziplines on Kauai. Fantastic.

If you have any questions about Tours or Activities in Hawaii, just give us a call or check out tombarefoot.com. We're here to help.

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