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Whale Watching Tours on Kauai

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Kauai Whale Watching tours operate roughly from Christmas time till Easter.

If you are visiting Kauai in the winter time you will want to take a Kauai whale watch cruise. The Kauai sea coast could by no means be considered dull or uneventful during any time of year but when the whales come in the winter months the Kauai waters become alive with an extra pulse of energy. Although these enormous animals can often be seen from the shoreline the very best way to view them would be from the deck of one of Kauai's whale watch tour vessels. If the dolphins along Kauai's coast could be considered the court-jesters of this sea kingdom with all their jumping, spinning and gymnastic antics, the whales in this environment would be likened to the kings and the queens of the realm. The majesty of these magnificent and regal animals is second to none. The whales swim in these waters with an attitude suggesting they were viewing the boundaries of their own private sanctuary, and in many ways it could be said that they are. The whales visiting Kauai at this time are the confident masters of their ocean and it is a pleasure and a privilege to be able to observe them here. A Kauai whale watch tour should definitely be an activity you should plan for if you are visiting Kauai in the winter.

These enormous Humpback Whales are spectacular to watch. They travel in pods and are often spotted initially, not by eye, but by the sound of their tremendous blow when they first reach the surface. This is often followed by the visual sighting of others whales in the pod.

Once on surface off Kauai's coastline it is not unusual for whales to remain for ten or fifteen minutes playing with each other, slapping their flukes on the water and launching themselves high in the air in what is referred to as a "breach". Soon thereafter there will be the familiar flip of the tail as the whales "sound" or dive deep to the oceans depths.

Each step of the whale watching process will be narrated or interpreted by your whale watch boat's captain or a whale watching specialist who is there for the purpose of providing information and answering your questions. There is so much to know and learn about these fascinating animals that you may not satiate your appetite for knowledge in one two-hour whale watch and it's not a bad idea to go on a couple different trips during your holiday.

We have many different boats on Kauai that go out to whale watch.
  • Some people prefer the sense of stability of the larger boats we have. It's not a bad idea to find one that has two decks as you get a better vantage point from the upper level.

  • Others of you may prefer the more adventurous rafting boats or "Zodiacs" that zip across the ocean surface at great speed. These vessels carry small groups of people, are more intimate, and allow you to ask more questions.

  • Some would prefer a totally private whale watch for only six or less, and we can provide those whale tours as well.

Regardless of the type of whale watch you choose you will become mesmerized by these fantastic animals.

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Enjoy a two and a half hour whale watch adventure with a fun-loving crew. Climb aboard for an adventure in search of humpback whales, the gentle giants of the sea. Be amazed by their acrobatics, listen…

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The Lahela is a fishing boat in her normal life, but during the winter months doubles as a whale watching boat for private parties of up to fourteen passengers. The boat is obviously fast, being a sport…

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This 4 hour raft adventure is for the entire family and travels along the less rigorous Southwest Coast. During this trip encounter dolphins, turtles and see our visiting humpback whales in the winter…

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This 2 hour ocean expedition highlights the exciting North Pacific Humpback Whales with an informative background on whale biology and behavior. Here during the winter months, the Pacific (Hawaiian) Humpback…

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This seasonal tour is available mid November through May, when the Humpback Whales come to Hawaii for a little rest and relaxation. The tour includes a ride along Kauai's beautiful South Shore to spot…

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Depart from Port Allen harbor in search of Hawaiian humpback whales. These large mammals migrate to the Hawaiian waters annually to mate and give birth. Normally these creatures travel in groups called…

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Come and experience a 2 hour Whale Watch Cruise. Share in the beauty of Kauai's south shore with the gentle giants of the sea. Offered in the height of Whale Watch Season (January - March), this popular…

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