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Sunset Sails & Cruises on Kauai

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Kauai Sunset Sails are a peaceful and romantic way to spend an evening.

Of all the evening activities or Kauai activities in general, perhaps the most romantic are the Kauai sunset cruises, Kauai sunset sails, the so called Kauai booze cruises or Kauai cocktail cruises. Kauai is uniquely suited to be a great location to enjoy a romantic sunset sail particularly if you choose to take one that sails along the remarkable Na Pali Coastline.

  • The Na Pali coastline on Kauai is certainly a popular destination for many sunset sail tours. This uniquely beautiful and uninhabited setting is one of the most renown coastlines anywhere on the planet. Many of the Hollywood movies you've seen back home have been filmed here and your vantage point from the sea is the only way this coastline can be viewed other than from a helicopter or air tour. The rugged beauty of this area makes it an impossible location for roads of any sort so there are no vehicles producing noise or visual distractions and this makes your sunset cruise all the more special.

As I think back, some of my fondest moments in the islands bring up memories of sunset sails. The gentle lapping of the ocean against the sunset sail vessel, the sun's shimmering light casting a golden glow along the shoreline, the brilliant vivid colors painting all the passing clouds. With a cocktail in hand and the perfect person by your side these moments on your Kauai sunset sail will serve as fond memories of your island vacation. A sunset sail or sunset cruise is a good call for any evening of your vacation but perhaps the very best time would be your last evening on the island for a fond farewell.

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Three and a half hour afternoon scenic tour of Kauai's southwest shores, and the NaPali coast to see the sunset. This trip is on board the stable 65' catamaran Holo-Holo. Includes heavy appetizers,…

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This romantic dinner sunset sail is about 4.5 hours in length for you to enjoy sailing, a beautiful Hawaiian sunset and dinner. Available June-August only.

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Two hours of sailing into the sunset aboard a luxury catamaran with Kauai as a backdrop is a must do for every Hawaiian holiday. Enjoy a large shaded cabin area, comfortable cushioned seating and clean…

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Explore Kauai's rugged Napali Coast where you'll see spectacular sea cliffs, enchanting waterfalls and timeless lava tubes. Enjoy a sunset with the history and legends of the ancient civilizations…

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