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SCUBA Diving Packages on Kauai

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Some of the most beautiful dive locations in the world can be seen on a Kauai dive tour.

Kauai has crystal clear water and some very interesting marine life. Some of the most breathtaking diving to be found in Hawaii is on the island of Kauai. Diving on Kauai is actually a two-for one experience. Not only do you have the beautiful underwater world of Kauai dives to explore but also the nearby island of Niihau diving as well.
Both Niihau and Kauai diving locations are world class and are graced with an abundance of marine life, large black coral trees, huge underwater caverns and spectacular vertical walls.

  • The entire underwater region surrounding Kauai and in fact surrounding all the Hawaiian Islands, is very different from many other diving areas of the world for a number of reasons, and these reasons have their root in a number of scientific disciplines.

  • First and foremost it must be noted that these islands we call Hawaii are the most remote archipelago of islands found anywhere in the world. There is roughly a buffer of 2000 to 2500 miles of seemingly endless ocean surrounding Hawaii in virtually every direction. The Hawaiian Islands have their point of origin in what is generally referred to as a permanent "hot spot" located deep below the earth's crust in the center of the huge Pacific Plate.

  • The most notable underwater consequence of this remoteness effecting the sea life surrounding Kauai and thus Kauai diving as well, is that these life forms are much less numerous in terms of species than can be found in other parts of the world.

  • However, the flip side of having less species is that there is a much higher incidence of endemic native species, or "Hawaii specific" life forms in the waters suitable for Kauai diving.

  • Though it would seem that the overall connected nature of the oceans would allow for the free flow of fish and marine life to migrate from other locations to Kauai, in actual fact, a full thirty percent of the fish life found in Kauai waters are native to Hawaii. This may be at least partially a result of how long the various larva's of fish or coral can remain alive as it floats for months in the ocean currents on its way to the Kauai coast.

All this being said the net result is that the Kauai diving is not only different from other diving spots in the world but that it is unique as well.

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Enjoy an hour and a half tour on the sunny south shore of Kaua'i, in the Po'ipu area. You will be underwater for 30 - 40 minutes. This tour will begin and end at the sandy shores of Lawai Beach,…

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$117.90 - $173.90
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Introductory non-certified divers can experience the PADI Discover Scuba Diving program, which covers the fundamental rules and guidelines of scuba diving. This experience can also be applied toward the…

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If you are already open water certified and looking to expand your dive training this course offers 5 total dives spanning over 2 to 3 dive trips. There are 2 mandatory courses: Underwater Navigation…

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Get certified and open yourself up to the world of SCUBA. The process is a 4 or 5 day course with lectures and diving each day. The best part is once you're certified it lasts for life.

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$113.55 - $134.20

Go for a two tank dive from one of our North or South shore locations. This activity includes a safety briefing, snacks and drinks.

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$187.90 - $445.90

Get your open water full certification in just 3 days. This course includes the use of all gear, books and a photo. Group or private lessons are available. Once you've achieved your basic certification,…

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$7.00 - $240.80

Get more time in the water and more time exploring the ocean's depths. First dive from 65' to 95', second dive 45' to 75', third dive 35' to 55'. There are over 23 dive sites to choose from.

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A supreme adventure, but not for the faint of heart! These are some of Kauai's most advanced dives but the payoff is stupendous. Drift diving and deep diving with some wonderful creatures. Your 1st…

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Come to Kaua'i during the calmer time of the year, which runs from late spring to early autumn (May through September), and experience some of Hawaii's most spectacular scuba diving at the island…

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$118.71 - $180.64

This trip is for non certified divers. Start out your SCUBA career in the safety and shallow waters of one of our North or South shore locations. Must be over 10 years old and in good medical health to…

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Watch the sea change under the fall of dark as you go on a guided afternoon dive. For certified divers who want to start at night, continue or just love night diving this is the way to go! 2 sites means…

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$154.90 - $182.90

This tour is for certified divers only with a choice of a twilight or later night dive. This thrilling experience allows divers to observe Hawaii's underwater night life at its best. Divers are likely…

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$127.90 - $173.90

Certified divers can enjoy the latest buzz in the dive industry. Why kick when you can fly? State of the art diving propulsion vehicles will pull a diver up to 12 miles per hour. Our TUSA SAV-7 diving…

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Experience a two tank dive from an adventure zodiac boat off of the South Shore of Kauai. Kauai Down Under operates a 25 ft. ZODIAC RIB (Rigid hull Inflatable Boat called the "Hokupa'a". This ZODIAC…

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$110.37 - $140.47

Enjoy a two tank dive. The first dive is 65 - 95 feet, and the second dive is 30 - 60 feet. The dive sites will be chosen from 20 different sites that are available off of the south side of Kaua'i.…

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$63.90 - $129.90

Certified divers can enjoy exploring Kauai's beautiful reef systems. Each dive is approximately 45 minutes, with an average depth of 35 - 60 feet. Divers will have a relaxing surface interval which…

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$99.90 - $136.90

The most popular south shore dive site is called Koloa Landing. This is a shore dive located in very protected Hanaka'ape Bay, which is sheltered from surf, wind, and chop. The entry and exit point is…

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$129.90 - $173.90

The infamous NaPali Coast, known for stunning sea cliffs carved by powerful waterfalls, is accessible by boat. There, below the cathedral like cliffs, you can explore several sea caves. We offer a unique…

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Dive off the shore from one of our North or South shore locations. This activity includes a safety briefing, snacks and drinks.

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$101.90 - $154.90

Come explore one of Hawaii's best shore diving spots. Certified and Intro Divers are welcome. This location has such a diverse ecosystem, you'll want to dive it again! Come and explore this history rich…

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$65.90 - $165.90

This afternoon tour takes new divers, divers that haven't been diving for a while and first time divers who are in the Discover Scuba Diving program. The pace is a bit slower and the dive sites are…

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$91.90 - $139.90

Come explore one of Hawaii's best shore diving spots. Certified and Intro Divers are welcome. This location has such a diverse ecosystem, you'll want to dive it again! Come and explore this history rich…

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Enjoy a Wednesday night charter to see the Sheraton Caverns. This is a two tank boat dive for certified, experienced divers only.

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$87.90 - $137.90

This tour is open to certified divers and intro divers who have already experienced the free beginning pool lesson. This dive is good for beginners and those who haven't been diving in a while and…

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