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Luaus And Shows on Kauai

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Kauai Luaus highlight the charm and aloha of Old Hawaii

About the Kauai Luaus

  • The luau in Kauai is the quintessential Hawaiian feast and luaus such as these can only be found in Hawaii. All the Kauai luaus will provide you with the essential elements of a Hawaiian luau: luau food including the cooking of the pig in an imu, cocktails, hula dancing and entertainment, and in most cases fire-knife dancing.

  • Kauai luaus are essentially a giant Hawaiian feast where people come together from near and far to enjoy an evening of fun, entertainment and great food and take enjoyment in each other's company.

The Food at a Kauai luaus:
The food is the key ingredient in any Kauai Luau and the food is always found in abundance. The sharing of food is a ritual in itself and many of the individual foods you will be eating at your Kauai luau each have their own respected place in the culture of old Hawaii. You may find some of these foods different from what you are accustomed to eating and that is part of the whole experience. There are so many familiar items on your buffet that you won't go away hungry, but you should at least taste the foods you may not be familiar with and you might be surprised to find that you like them.
  • The absolute single foundation stone of food prepared at your Kauai luau will be the "kalua pork", or pig, which is prepared in the traditional manner in an underground pit called an "imu".

  • The preparation of your Kauai luau will begin early in the morning when your large imu pit is dug in the sand.

  • Dry, and hard Kiawe limbs and branches (these trees are known in North America by their Indian name Mesquite) are placed on the bottom of the pit with many rounded river rocks placed on top of the pile. The Kiawe is lit on fire and after a couple of hours all that is left on the bottom of the pit are hot coals and incredibly hot rocks which will maintain the heat for hours to come.

  • These hot rocks are then leveled on the bottom of the pit and juicy fresh cut banana stalks are placed over them followed by banana leaves to provide a bed to place the pig upon.

  • The pig is then lowered into the pit and covered with more banana leaves and "ti" leaves to keep the heat in. A tapa cloth, tarp or blanket is then placed over the whole affair and then the pit is covered with beach sand.

  • The rocks heating the juicy banana stalks will cause a steam or pressure cooker effect in the imu and after about 6 to 8 hours the pig will be unearthed. The intense steam will have cooked the meat to the extent that it's tender and juicy meat will just fall away from the bone and the moisture from the banana stalks will have kept the meat moist and delicious for your Kauai luau later in the evening.

Other delicacies which are usually provided at your Kauai luaus are:
  • lomi lomi salmon, chicken long rice, haupia (coconut desert), poi (pounded from the taro root--very nutritious), veggies, salad, steaks, roasted chicken, fresh fish, rice, lots of specialty items, deserts and much more.

  • An open bar is also usually provided at most Kauai luaus which will include Mai Tai's and mixed drinks of all kinds with wine and beer. There will be plenty of selected drinks for the children as well.

The entertainment at a Kauai luau
The major entertainment of the evening at your Kauai luau will of course include hula dancing and usually the fire-knife dance but this is where each of your Kauai luaus will show their originality with different performances.
  • Some luaus on Kauai tend toward a greater emphasis on traditional Hawaiian in that they provide dance and song that is specific to the culture of old Hawaii.

  • The vast majority of the Kauai luaus and luaus throughout the state will provide entertainment that can be found from other cultures throughout the Pacific Rim such as from New Zealand, Samoa, Fiji and Tahiti. The most memorable and perhaps the most notable and exciting of all forms of entertainment at the Kauai luaus of this genre would be the Samoan Fire-Knife dancing. This usually comes near the end of each Kauai luau and is a performance children look forward to seeing.

All Kauai luaus are held at sunset time and continue into the evening and are filled with the romance of the islands and its people. Whether you're a child or a senior citizen, just-married or celebrating your 65th, this evening will be a special one for you, and a uniquely Kauai experience.

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