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Horseback Riding in Kauai is exhilarating.

One of the greatest appeals of horseback riding on Kauai for me is the sense of exploration that it provides. There is so much to be visited by hiking the trails all throughout the island but why not luxuriate in having a horse take you to these remote locations while you view the scenery from the saddle.

There are some great rides that will take you deep into the interior of the island for the very adventurous and shorter rides that will take you to remote waterfalls where you can enjoy a picnic and a swim. I have often heard people say that these are the most fun days they have experienced on their holiday.

Horseback rides on Kauai are among the most exhilarating and beautiful of any riding tours that can be found in Hawaii and are among the most fun Kauai activities available. Horseback riding Kauai is an experience not to be missed if you have a passion for horses combined with unbelievably beautiful scenery.

Kauai boasts the wettest spot on the planet at Mount EleEle averaging over 400 inches a year. The tremendous rainfall has produced the most remarkable sheer valleys, razor sharp ridges descending to the sea and most amazing array of waterfalls to be assembled anywhere in the world. The extreme sea and wave action has also had a tremendous effect upon Kauai's spectacular coastline producing the famous Na Pali coast with pristine cliffs and caves stretching 11 miles on Kauai's northern shore.

There are a number of stables on Kauai and they offer a variety of different types of horseback rides:

  • One ride will take you into the interior high valley of Kalihiwai Ridge on Kauai's North Shore.

  • Another less lengthy ride allows you to trot and canter into a forest reserve with panoramic ocean and mountain views. Taste a guava, smell the camphor, and feel the paper bark trees. This is an exceptional opportunity to learn about Kauai's history and culture.

  • Still other horseback rides take you along the spectacular ocean bluffs in the Princeville area or back along jungle streams to a delicious waterfall and pool where you can swim and have a picnic lunch. Other horseback rides are similar but also include a kayak river ride. Horseback riding tours are tailored to both beginners and the experienced horseman.

Horseback riding seems to be one of those activities that people either have a propensity for or not. If you have that propensity, Kauai is one of the best places to indulge your passion for all thing equestrian. You can take a short horseback ride along the bluffs by the Oceanside or you can pull out all the stops and spend an 8 hour journey on horseback exploring the interior of the island. Neither option will be a disappointment, nor will any of the other choices of rides in between.

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This ride is offered twice a day and takes you through the ancient Maha'ulepu area, popular to beachcombers, windsurfers and local fishermen. Experience a variety of scenery and terrain, from pasture…

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$99.00 - $154.00
(2 Reviews, 5 Stars)

Enjoy a leisurely trail ride along winding streams, through lush foliage and wild guava, and view breathtaking mountain vistas. Silver Falls Ranch is located on 400 acres in the interior high valleys of…

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(1 Review, 5 Stars)

This ride is ideal for couples, families or small groups. After riding for about an hour, you will dismount to explore and comb a secret beach for potential treasures, take photographs or just enjoy a…

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(3 Reviews, 4.7 Stars)

This unique adventure begins with 30 minutes on horseback, soaking up panoramic views of mountains, valleys and the ocean. After tying up the horses, venture into a lush tropical rain forest, hiking along…

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$139.00 - $209.00
(3 Reviews, 4 Stars)

This excursion, which includes a picnic lunch and the opportunity to swim at Silver Falls, is for the explorer. You will go deep into Kauai's interior on hidden trails, through an ancient volcanic…

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A private tour just for you with some exciting choices to customize your tour, enjoying your guide's undivided attention all the way. Includes a private picnic, with your choice of idyllic spots. Swim…

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$55.00 - $209.00

Enjoy romance, sunsets and special moments. For those preferring more personalized service, our exclusive private rides are tailored to meet your riding desires and are customized in every way possible.…

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Imagine a personalized riding adventure on Kauai with a private guide on the beautiful Princeville Ranch. You will be given some exciting choices to customize your tour, enjoying your guide's undivided…

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$119.00 - $174.00

Enjoy a picnic lunch beside a secluded mountain pool and waterfall, where you can swim and relax. Silver Falls Ranch is located on 400 acres in the interior high valleys of Kalihiwai Ridge on Kauai's…

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Saddle up for a leisurely paced 30 minute ride across secluded valleys. Your guide will share ranch and cowboy history along with flora and fauna information with you. Then, tie up your horse and get ready…

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Your adventure begins with a brief horsemanship orientation followed by a leisurely ride across open pastures. You'll enjoy panoramic views of stunning mountains and valleys with a striking blue ocean…

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