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Kauai Helicopter Tours offer Helicopter flights that may be the best in all of Hawaii.

Kauai helicopter tours are arguably among the best helicopter rides of any in Hawaii and it's easy to understand why. It's no accident that Kauai was the first of the islands in Hawaii to offer helicopter tours.

Of all the Hawaiian Islands visited by helicopter tours perhaps the one that is perceived to be the most romantic is the island of Kauai with its sensational helicopter flights. Kauai helicopter tours are unique in all of Hawaii primarily because the island of Kauai is also unique. No Hawaiian island comes close to having a sight worthy of comparison to the Na Pali Coast and the same can be said of the Waimea Canyon often referred to as the "Grand Canyon of Kauai". Kauai helicopter tours will fly directly over the NaPali Coast and aside from visiting this spectacle from the sea these helicopters provide the only other means possible to view this remote and beautiful coastline. Although every island of Hawaii has its special and distinct scenic beauty none of them can compare with the striking beauty and flamboyance of this dynamic piece of coastline. With canyon walls often dropping a full 3000' from the upper portions of the ridges above, helicopters emerge from Kauai's "top side" with a stunning and spectacular descent to the craggy ocean below. As the helicopters wind their way through the valleys of this remote eleven miles of coastline you will become immediately aware of the reasoning behind the choice of Kauai as being the very first island for helicopter tours to be offered in the state.

Kauai was the first of the major Hawaiian Islands to rise from the ocean floor and it was the first to become extinct some 5 million years ago. Nature has also had the most time to carve her spectacular features providing the unbelievable landscape for Kauai's sensational helicopter flights.

Kauai boasts the wettest spot on the planet at Mount Wai'ale'ale averaging over 400 inches a year. The tremendous rainfall has produced the most remarkable sheer valleys, razor sharp ridges descending to the sea and most amazing array of waterfalls to be assembled anywhere in the world. The extreme sea and wave action has also had a tremendous effect upon Kauai's spectacular coastline producing the famous Na Pali coast with pristine cliffs and caves stretching 11 miles on Kauai's northern shore.

Where will the Kauai Helicopter Flights take you?
  • The most popular tours for the Kauai helicopter flights are the approximately one hour Circle Island flights. Kauai is just the perfect size to be adequately seen in one hours time.

  • Some Kauai helicopter tours leave from the Princeville area and are already adjacent to what is generally considered to be the most spectacular area on the island, the Na Pali Coast. These tours are about 40 minutes in length.

  • Kauai Helicopter Tours can also include landing in some of the more remote areas of the island.

What types of helicopters are used on your Kauai flights?
  • The A-Star is generally considered the "gold standard" for Kauai helicopter flights. No matter where you sit you'll have 180-degree visibility. The rotator shaft does not come between the front and back seats and there are no visual impediments interrupting your view forward. The back seat is raised to give a better view above the seats in front and there is an abundance of windows.

  • The Eco-Star is actually the enhanced version of the A-Star and is generally considered the "Cadillac" of the Kauai touring helicopters. These helicopters are wider allowing for all bucket seats for more comfort. They have about 20% more viewing capacity through the larger windows and they produce less noise as from heard from the outside.

  • The Hughes 500 is small, fast and maneuverable. It seats only 4 passengers so each person is guaranteed a window seat. These aircraft on Kauai are often flown with a "doors off" option and this is the favorite of photographers who want an unencumbered view.

With regard to photography on your Kauai helicopter flight.
  • Most helicopter companies will provide you with a video of your actual Kauai helicopter flight. These are taken from cameras mounted on the outside of the aircraft and tape the flight that you actually took.

  • All Kauai helicopters allow you to take video or photography from your helicopter flight on your own and some provide flights that have the doors removed for better viewing and taking of photos.

Kauai was the first of the Hawaiian Islands to offer helicopter flights and to provide helicopter charters. Kauai helicopter tour companies now include a number of helicopter charters, many of which are world famous.

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(5 Reviews, 5 Stars)

This tour provides an excellent overview of the island and introduction to all of Kauai's scenic wonders and is our most popular tour length. The pilot will turn the helicopter to provide views for…

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$191.90 - $241.90
(3 Reviews, 5 Stars)

Experience this 100 mile extensive tour of central Kaua'i. Fly along Hoary Head Mountain Range into the Hanapepe Valley to circle the Manawaipuna Waterfall, commonly known as the Jurassic Park Waterfall.…

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(2 Reviews, 5 Stars)

In this complete island tour, you will see Kauai in its entirety. This tour, which can be flown with or without doors, includes a guaranteed window seat and two-way communication for all passengers with…

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$249.00 - $324.00
(2 Reviews, 5 Stars)

Enjoy a 45 to 50 minute tour with live pilot narration. Depart and return from Princeville and see hidden places that can only be discovered from the air. You will see lush valleys dotted with waterfalls,…

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(1 Review, 5 Stars)

The extra 20 minutes in the air allows for more detailed exploration of the island with extra time spent at each of the fantastic sites and a specific focus on the amazing waterfalls. This tour can be…

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$194.00 - $244.00
(1 Review, 5 Stars)

Enjoy a 55 to 60 minute tour with live pilot narration. This adventure will take you through remote valleys, cascading waterfalls, spectacular sea cliffs and numerous backdrops that you may recognize…

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(8 Reviews, 4.9 Stars)

Experience the thrilling excitement of a doors off flight in a 4 passenger Hughes 500 helicopter with a two way intercom system. Without the doors on the side of the helicopter you are able to not only…

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Be a pilot for a day! This instructional tour, with the guidance of a certified instructor, lets you see Kauai in all of its glory while learning to pilot "on-the-fly!" You'll start with a brief ground…

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This is your private photo tour, choose your own highlights and concentrate the tour on areas of special importance to you. Your knowledgeable pilot may also suggest the best Kauai sights to take stunning…

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This tour is a photographer's dream! This flight is flown at slower speeds than the shorter tour and is able to explore further into Kauai's valleys and canyons because of the added length. The…

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$256.90 - $311.90

The flight portion is the same as the Island Safari but upon reaching the Kauai Wildlife Refuge overlooking the Olokele Canyon the helicopter will land at this most unique and beautiful spot. After a 40…

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$239.00 - $314.00

Enjoy a 45 to 50 minute tour with live pilot narration. Depart and return from Princeville and see hidden places that can only be discovered from the air. You will see lush valleys dotted with waterfalls,…

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