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Bike Tours

Kauai bike tours and bike rides are a wonderful way to spend the day outdoors.

Downhill Kauai bike tours, like other islands in the state, provide a great outdoor coasting descent from Kauai's mountains and ridges to the ocean.

  • For years Haleakala on Maui has been known as the "Mecca" for bicycle tours in Hawaii with it gravity driven coast from the mountain to the sea. In recent years, Kauai has chimed in with its own version of a downhill adventure, this time coasting down through the beautiful Waimea Valley to the ocean below. This Kauai bike tour is a shorter trip, and less expensive, but none the less gives you some of the same thrills and excitement of its Maui counterpart.

  • A very popular biking tour which is patterned after the famous Haleakala downhill tours on Maui is the 12 mile canyon to coast downhill bike ride offered by Outfitters Kauai. This fun and exciting Kauai bike tour travels from the rim of the famed Waimea Canyon (often referred to as the Grand Canyon of the Pacific) and descends from the 3500' elevation, down 12 miles of smooth winding blacktop all the way to the shores of the blue Pacific.

  • You'll stop along the way to take pictures and learn about the history, culture and legends of this beautiful area on Kauai. This is a short Kauai bike tour of only about 4 hours or so and has departure times in both the morning and the afternoon.

Pride of America Cruise Ship: Kauai Bike Tours do not pick up clients at the cruise ship. Cruise ship passengers can arrange for a taxi to take them to the departure point from the ship's dock or Tom Barefoot's Tours can make arrangements for you to have a Rental Car shuttle pick you up at the dock. These Kauai Bike Tours can be arranged for Thursday or Friday of your cruise ship schedule. Please book well in advance to assure availability.

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12 mile canyon to coast downhill bike ride that's fun and exciting. Bike ride 12 miles down smooth blacktop from the rim of the famed Waimea Canyon at 3500' elevation all the way to the shore of…

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$25.00 - $45.00

The rental day is from 9:00am to 4:30pm. Bikes go out fully equipped with helmets, locks and maps. There is a shoreline ride from the door of the shop that takes you along the entire Po'ipu coastline…

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Outfitters Kauai

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Outfitters Kauai is an adventure company on Kauai that offers a combination of ocean and river kayaking experiences, hiking tours, bike tours and zipline adventures. Methodically developing one adventure at a time over the course of years, this popular company has produced some of the most notable Kauai adventures available on the island.
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Video Transcript

This video segment is about bike tours on the island of Kauai.

Yeah, we have lots of places you can ride a bike, and we do have rental bikes that can be ranged and some motorized bikes as well that you can get around the island. But the real major situation that we have regarding bike tours on the island has to do with the downhill that we have in Kauai. This is not quite like the downhill that you maybe familiar with on Maui, the Haleakala downhill, which has been in operation for almost three decades, and goes from great heights way up the mountain all the way down to the sea coast. But, this is a very similar downhill, but it goes from the 3,500 foot level or so, in Waimea Canyon, down to the sea. It's a much shorter trip, we're talking about a half day, four hours, something like that.

Waimea Canyon, if you're not familiar with it, is up in this area. Oftentimes, Waimea Canyon is referred to as the Grand Canyon of the Pacific. It looks just like the Grand Canyon in many ways. A huge canyon, all the gradations of color and the stratifications that you'll see in on the canyon walls, going down to the bottom. It's very, very, very beautiful. It's a place that has been ... a location that all the tour companies have taken people for years, and people drive up to the canyon and see it. It is very, very beautiful. A major part of the sightseeing things you're going to want to do on Kauai. This is a tour that involves taking you to the Waimea Canyon to see it, but then also doing a bike tour down. They do a morning trip, and they do an afternoon trip. You pick which one you want. They usually start in Poipu, you'll meet there at the shop, then they'll gather you together, they'll take you with them, and wind your way up to Waimea Canyon, giving you a little bit of a tour on the way up.

Once you get there, you're going to be doing a ... everybody's going to be assigned a bike, and there'll be a little briefing, makes sure everybody knows what to do and how to do it, to be safe and so on. Then you're going to cruise down. A nice little journey down to the sea, with beautiful views all the way along of the canyon, and then looking out to sea and being able to see Niihau in the distance, and it's just a nice little adventure, get you going with a little bit of speed on a bicycle, and kind of combine some biking fun with some touring all at the same time. So if you have any questions about Tours or Activities in Hawaii, just give us a call or call out tombarefoot.com. We're here to help.

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For years Hawaii bike tours have been a main-stay of the activities available for the visitors coming to the islands. Perhaps no island provides more bike tours to visitors than the island of Maui and this is all due to the phenomenon that occurred in the early eighties with the advent of the Haleakala downhill bicycle adventures.

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Everywhere you go on Oahu you'll find bikers bike riding, bike rides, bicycle rentals, bike rental companies, bike tours, bike eco-adventures, mountain bike tours and virtually everything pertaining to bikes.

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Thousands of downhill biking enthusiasts have experienced this adventure since 1982. Of all the activities on Maui, this bike ride is one of the most unique.

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Seeing the Big Island on a bike is truly one of the best ways to do it. The Big Island is full of sporty, outdoor types. Have you ever heard of the Kona Ironman Triathlon? Now we're talking a bike ride! There is just so much to see on the Big Island and viewing it on a bike gives you so much more of a sensual feast then enclosed in an automobile, a bus or a van.

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