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ATV And Off-Road Tours on Kauai

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Kauai ATV tours are perfectly suited as a tour vehicle for exploring much of the "outback" on the island of Kauai.

Vacations are all about fun and a ride on a Kauai ATV tour fits the notion of fun like a glove. Riding an ATV is probably not one of your daily activities at home and "changing things up" with a Kauai ATV ride is guaranteed to transport you to a world where you will be living in the moment from start to finish. Already having some sense of Kauai you can probably understand that this is not going to be just any ATV ride experience. Your Kauai ATV adventure will take you along back-roads and through scenic landscapes that may bring you to a sense of "deja vu" and indeed you will have seen these spectacular views before; -----on the Silver Screen! Much of your ATV experience will be taking you through areas that have been the backdrop of some of Hollywood's most famous movies like Jurassic Park and King Kong.

The island of Kauai is a natural for ATV tours. The rugged outdoor environment is ideal for these four-wheeled vehicles and Kauai ATV's provide a means to explore areas of the island that would be out of the question for the average visitor. Literally thousands of acres of private property are available to be seen by ATV tour, varying in topography from cane fields to hills and streams with swimming stops at beautiful waterfalls.

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$154.90 - $234.90
(4 Reviews, 5 Stars)

For a fun filled day with your family and friends, this 4 hour waterfall tour is the perfect laid back adventure for you. This is a swimming tour, so be sure to pack your towels and swim gear. Hop into…

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$121.90 - $210.90
(4 Reviews, 5 Stars)

Enjoy a beautiful and breathtaking 3 hour scenic tour through Kipu Ranch. Take a ride through tropical forests, hidden river valleys and rolling pastures. The ranch is also home to hundreds of head of…

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$279.90 - $540.90
(6 Reviews, 4.8 Stars)

This 4 hour waterfall tour, including check in and riding instruction, winds through 23 miles of diverse off-road trails, thick vegetation and rugged terrain and through a half mile historic cane haul…

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$226.90 - $431.90
(3 Reviews, 4.3 Stars)

An adventure filled three hour tour throughout Kauai's South Shore. Visit pristine landscapes on 22,000 acres of land otherwise inaccessible to the public. You'll learn about Kauai's plant…

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$149.90 - $159.90
(1 Review, 4 Stars)

Start your adventure with an exhilarating off road trip in our Polaris vehicles! Our guide will take up to five guests in these fun, open-air buggies through nooks and crannies that have never been accessible…

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$126.90 - $136.90

Your adventure begins where the pavement ends! Start off with an exhilarating off road experience, drive from one side of a 2500 acre ranch to the other. Travel through beautiful, wide rolling pasture…

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$79.90 - $91.90

This tour is great for beginners and includes instructions, practice and a relaxing scenic tour. Discover Kauai's distinctive untouched beauty. Enjoy a relaxing scenic tour along this unique entry-level…

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