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Should you choose a Kauai Helicopter tour or a Kauai Fixed-Wing airplane air tour

When people think of "Air Tours" in Kauai they generally think of helicopters, and rightly so, because the vast majority of sightseeing flights we have in Hawaii are on helicopters.

  • It is certainly true that helicopters have the capability to "hover", which is not in the arsenal of capabilities available to Kauai's fixed-wing airplane air tours. This may be a limiting factor but it may not be as significant a characteristic as you might first imagine.

  • I have flown on a significant number of fixed-wing Kauai airplane air tours as well as helicopters and on both it certainly could be said that you end up getting the "lay of the land". The fixed-wing airplanes generally fly a bit higher than their hovering counterparts but your overall impression on either upon your return is that you've had a great view of Kauai below. In fact I have taken quite a number of photos of island features from both types of aircraft and of many it can be said that it is literally impossible to determine the origin of the snapshot taken.

  • Occasionally I can even suggest that the quality of the Kauai air tour I have taken was even higher on the fixed wing airplane than on certain helicopter flights. One in particular was on an airplane air tour flight that only took myself and my wife on a private air tour on which we were even allowed to suggest certain areas of the island that we wanted to see in greater detail and were obliged by the pilot.

  • One other important piece of the "fixed-wing" Kauai air tour airplane flights versus helicopter flights discussion is that the "airplane" option is often considerably less expensive.

All this being stated however, I think that if I had to make a choice of flying one or the other and money was not an object, I probably would choose the helicopter because there are certain places you simply cannot get into for viewing on a Kauai airplane air tour that you can on a helicopter. Viewing the islands from an airplane however is not exactly the "weak sister" option to its helicopter cousin and certainly should be considered as a viable option, especially when price may be a concern.

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This is the most comprehensive tour package available in our AirVan. Every passenger gets his or her own huge bubble window specifically designed for sightseeing and photography. Passengers are seated…

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This is the most comprehensive tour package available. Soar above Kauai's world renowned scenery and spend extra time in areas that interest you most for better viewing or picture taking. Featuring…

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Take an air tour over Kaua'i and experience Kipu Kai (Baby Na Pali), the Menehune Fishpond (where Raiders of the Lost Arc was filmed), the secluded Mahalepu Beach, The Eucalyptus Tunnel of Trees,…

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The YMF-5 Super is specifically designed to carry a pilot and two passengers. While the pilot (Kevin, The Red Baron) operates the controls from the rear cockpit, passengers sit side-by-side in the cozy…

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