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Hunting in Hawaii is a well celebrated tradition in the state's history.

The favorite game animals have always been pigs, but there has also been a recent blossoming in the popularity of hunting other large game animals such as Deer, Goats and even the world famous Mouflon Sheep.

If you're having trouble finding the specific type of hunt you're looking for please get in touch with one of our agents and we'll help steer you in the right direction.

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Lopaka's Aloha Adventures

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Lopaka's Aloha Adventures Hog Hunting

Experience wild pig hunting in the traditional "Hawaiian style," on a 4 hour hunt through pristine Honokohau Valley of the West Maui Mountains, using knives or spears and dogs only. These animals are not fenced, fed or watered and are 100% wild. Walk through beautiful lush fern country rarely visited by even most locals. Catch is not guaranteed but is likely. You'll have the choice to tag and release or put it down.
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Well, this is an activity that we don't have on every island, but we do have on Maui, and it's hunting.

Hunting adventures. Particularly, hunting for the wild boar. This is not the most popular of activities, but definitely, we have our supply of hunters that come through that really want to enjoy hunting here. Over the course of years we've had hunting for pigs. Also hunting for deer and goats. We also do Spearfishing and that sort of thing if you want to consider that in the category of hunting. As we flow in and out of the years, sometimes we have one activity or another, we go out for different animals and so on. At this moment in time, what we have primarily is the hog hunting.

Now, pig hunts in Hawaii are quite different than those that you'll find other places. We get a lot of people from the South West, and from Texas, and various areas that will come up expecting to hunt with a rifle. That's not the way it's done here. It's done here with dogs, and with a knife. So, the way it works is you're taken into a really remote area, maybe giant valley somewhere and you're going back up into the mountains. You're not going to find any people back here in these areas, but we do have these feral goats who are quite often a nuisance in our ... it's a good idea to keep them trimmed down.

So, we'll take a pack of dogs, and you, as the hunter, will be going with the guides, they're kind of in charge of making sure everything comes off right, and you let the dogs loose and they go up in the valley, and they follow the scents, and they find the hogs. They do it usually pretty quickly. Then the pack of them will just run up as far as they need to go to get to the animal. You'll hear the animals usually as they get further and further away from you, all of a sudden you might hear barking and then all the animals are barking, and then you know that it's probably they have one cornered. And you just follow the sounds up until you get to the spot where you've got it.

So, you got maybe three or four, maybe five dogs that have one of the pigs surrounded. Pigs can be fairly dangerous. Actually lose a number of dogs over the course of time, because it's dicey getting close to them. What will eventually happen is the dogs will usually pull, grab ahold of the ears, one on each side, and kind of hold it down, and then you as a hunter, would come up and the way they take him is with a knife. That generally means getting up behind it, kind of almost mounting it, and then taking a knife through the shoulder blades.

There is tag and release that can happen, too. But a lot of people like to do it for the meat. The meat can be packed, and can be sent at additional costs, of course, to wherever it is that you are. It is one of the most Exciting Activities, I think, that we have on the island, and also you're getting into some incredibly remote areas with beautiful views, and really getting a different sense of Maui from doing this.

You do need to have a Hawaii state hunting license in order to make this happen. So there's some preparation that needs to occur in this. If you're already on island and you already have a hunter safety card from where you're at, you can be directed to the county building or the state building where you need to be to pick up the license, and that can happen. If you are wanting to get the license while you're still on the mainland, which is a good idea, we can make sure that you get the proper forms and so on that need to be filled out and registered. It takes about three weeks advance. So you need to think about doing this beforehand. Make sure you've got all your ducks in a row so you can come here and just start.

That's primarily the way we do the pigs. The goats and deer, when we have those available, are by rifle. You just don't get close enough to them. Dogs don't really help, they just chase them away. Usually you end up going on some of the most incredible ranches where you get the keys, or the leader of the tour will get you in through the gates and go up to some area. But these are not always available, I'm just mentioning to you, depending upon when you see this video we may or may not have it available, but those are cool, too. These can turn out to be full day deals. The Hiking actually, or excuse me, the hikes up to get the boar, usually these are only about a four hour affair. So they're fairly quick, but definitely worthwhile.

One of the other things that we should lump in with this is Spearfishing. That's kind of like hunting, right, within the ocean. It's got its own little special knowledge set that is important to know. So you can sign up for these and, what will happen is, you'll go out to a beach somewhere. This is not going to be a beach that is an underwater marine reserve or anything, but it's going to be a different location where you'll be able to catch fish. The first part of it is going to be on the beach itself, and they're going to be teaching you how to use the slings, and all the equipment that they've got. Make sure you're really comfortable. You're not even going to be getting into the water until they feel that you've got the necessary skills to go in. But then you're going in and a lot of it's what you're going to be catching, and what's edible and what isn't. Usually you're going to come out, by days end, you're going to have caught something that you're going to be able to bring home and eat.

It's a very Hawaiian thing to do. You find that locals go out on the weekends. This is a very popular activity. They're very, very skilled at it. We hope to get you a little bit skilled so that you can go out and enjoy it, and do some Spearfishing.

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