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Cruise Ship Compatible Activities

If You're Coming To Hawaii on A Cruise Ship This Page Will Save You Time Money.

Cruise Ships have been making their way to Hawaii from places all over the globe for the better part of a century and their popularity suggests that there is no reason to believe that they will stop doing so in the near or distant future.

Many cruise lines make their way over to Hawaii from the mainland and others return to mainland ports with their passengers.

The one boat that has been the most popular and has visited the islands with the most frequency however is the Norwegian Cruise Lines premier Hawaiian vessel called the Pride of America.

Rather than travel with passengers from the mainland it begins and ends its voyages from Honolulu on weeklong tours of the Hawaiian Islands.

Since this is the most popular cruise-line to visit Hawaii, the Pride of America is the one we spend the most time on here assisting you to find the very largest array of shore excursions that are possibilities based upon the strict cruise line schedules.

Many tours offered in Hawaii are not possible to take at all because of the boat's schedule but there are many more than you may think that are available to you as cruise boat passengers.

Of the ones you can take, they are divided into two parts, those that will pick you up at the pier or within very close proximity and those in which you will need to make arrangements for a Rent-A-Car in order to transport yourself to the origin of the tour event.

Using our cruise ship 'activity finders' you can easily determine which tours are available for you.

If it is necessary for you to have a Rent-A-Car to make it to the tour, Tom Barefoot's Tours will make those arrangements for you at the very best pricing available as well as book you on the tour event you would like to enjoy.

In all ports, the pick-up for the cars will be right at the dock where you will be transported a short distance to the Car and then you will be free to drive off to meet your tour.

You will see as you peruse our 'activity finder' feature that we will be able to provide you the largest selection of shore excursions available anywhere in the state.

The Pride of America will start its cruise schedule departing from Honolulu on Saturday evening about 7:00pm and set sail for Maui arriving on Sunday morning at 8:00am.

The vessel will stay on Maui until the evening of the next day and then depart at 6:00pm on Monday to the port of Hilo on the Big Island and arrive at about 8:00am on Tuesday.

Departing at 6:00pm on Tuesday it will travel to the other side of the Big Island to dock at Kailua-Kona at 7:00am on Wednesday and will remain until 5:30pm.

Next will be an overnight leg of the journey to Kauai where it will arrive at 8:00am on Thursday morning and not depart again until 2:00pm on Friday.

The last day of the journey will be back to Oahu and passengers will disembark on Saturday morning at 7:00am.

Please visit the specific Cruise Ship Compatible Island Pages listed below to view all the shore excursion possibilities available to you on each island.

Look for this symbol in the tour descriptions below to indicate if it is Pride of America compatible.

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