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Hawaii Tour and Activities

At Tom Barefoot's Tours we think selection is important. Everyone is different and we don't just want to offer the same 'cookie cutter' model for each person or family. For instance, are you going to go snorkeling at the island of Molokini just off the coast of Maui. Would you prefer to be on a large boat, a small boat, a power boat, a sail boat, are you a newly wed couple, are you with extended family, do you have old people or those that are handicapped in some way, are there small children in your party, where are you staying on the island, would you like pick up or will you be driving, would you like a speedy raft. Your answer to any of these question may lead to our recommendation of a different boat that would be perfect for you
The same would be true for any of your activity choices. We actually offer tours with over 400 different vendors who offer over 1500 individual tours. Let us know what you want and we'll help you arrange for the very best option that exists for you.

Wow! Kauai is a really fun and beautiful place. If you are visiting here you will want to enjoy some Kauai Activities and Kauai Tours. But which ones to do? Keep in mind that Kauai is very, very different than any of the other Hawaiian Islands and its probably a good idea to enjoy some activities here in ways that are not possible elsewhere.

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Certainly the most famous of all the Hawaiian Islands is the is land of Oahu which is known for Waikiki Beach, Honolulu, Diamond Head Crater and Pearl Harbor.

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As far as activities go, the number of Maui Activities and Maui Tours available here, far exceeds the number found on any other Hawaiian Island. This is primarily because the actual geography of the island provides many more areas to explore and to experience.

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Certain Big Island Activities and Big Island Tours are famous throughout the Island chain. Every island has activities that are unique to that island as well as activities that are similar to those offered elsewhere.

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