Air Tours (Airplane / Fixed Wing) on Maui

Maui Air Tours via airplane are very personalized.

$110.00 - $1362.75
Save 15.01%
Less expensive than a helicopter, these fixed wing aircraft visit Maui from above.

Attractions on Maui

Attractions on Maui

$9.55 - $2700.00
Save 33.33%
These include some of the most fun, educational and inexpensive activities available on Maui.

ATV And Off-Road Tours on Maui

Maui Off Road Adventures are very popular.

$87.95 - $582.85
Save 11.25%
These popular activities will take you to private areas of Maui that you would not be able to otherwise visit.

Bike Tours on Maui

The Haleakala Bike Tour is unique on this planet.

$30.95 - $1299.00
Save 22.96%
The famous Haleakala Downhill Bike Ride is the envy of all bike riding options in the state.

Combo Tour Packages on Maui

Many Maui tours can be sold in combination at discount pricing.

$41.02 - $711.85
Save 28.14%
Combination Tours are two or more tours that are packaged together.  Sometimes a better pricing is available this way.

Cruise Ship Compatible Activities on Maui

We offer the most shore excursions for Pride of America.

$15.00 - $4900.00
Save 36.84%
Check to see which shore excursions are compatible with your cruise ship when it enters port.

Dinner Cruise on Maui

Maui Dinner Cruises are both fun and relaxing.

$50.00 - $1625.00
Save 24.18%
The beautiful Maui dinner cruises are among the most popular activities on the island.

Dolphin Tours on Maui

Where can I swim with dolphins on Maui is a most asked question.

$39.99 - $2700.00
Save 33.85%
Perhaps the most fun animal in the sea, you can see dolphins in many waters off Maui.

Excursions on Maui

Take one of our Maui Excursions and enjoy the Maui Tour Packages we have to offer.

$9.55 - $4560.00
Save 46.6%
Visit Hana, Haleakala, Iao Valley, Up-country, Maui has so much to see.

Farm Tours & Food Tasting Tours on Maui

The guided Maui Farm Tour and Maui Food Tour you've never taken before.

$47.95 - $2150.00
Save 15.69%
Check out the ethnic heritage of the peoples of Maui by experiencing their authentic and traditional foods.

Fishing Charters on Maui

Maui Fishing Charters offer a fun Maui activity.

$69.25 - $2700.00
Save 33.33%
With many great fishing areas between the islands of Maui County, sport fishing is a big industry here!

Handicap Accessible Activities on Maui

We offer 100's of Handicap Accessible Tours on Maui.

$9.55 - $2454.00
Save 36.84%
The fact that you may have a disability won't hold you back from enjoying Maui.

Helicopter Tours on Maui

Our Maui helicopter tours offer what we refer to as Helicopter Maui 'style' pricing.

$119.00 - $2454.00
Save 36.84%
75% of Maui can only be seen from the air. Enjoy a flight over Haleakala, Hana, Molokai and more.

Hiking Tours on Maui

Maui Waterfall hikes top the list of Maui Hiking tours.

$15.00 - $2290.00
Save 22.53%
Hike through the Crater, into a jungle, through a bamboo forest or to a waterfall.

Horseback Riding Tours on Maui

Horseback Riding Maui 'style' is very popular on the island.

$75.00 - $470.00
Save 24.75%
Maui has numerous Horseback Riding Stables on many parts of the island.

Hunting Tours on Maui

Hunting in Hawaii is very popular with visiting mainland hunters.

$140.65 - $468.95
Travel up into Maui's prime hunting grounds and hunt for wild goat, wild boar or deer.

Inter Island Tours on Maui

Take a day trip from Maui to the Big Island or from Maui to Pearl Harbor.

$28.85 - $711.85
Save 11.93%
Take a 1-day tour to Pearl Harbor, the Hawaii Volcanoes or Molokai and return to Maui that night.

Jet-Ski Rentals on Maui

Ride your Maui Jet Ski like a motorcycle on the water at the Maui Jet Ski Rental course in Kaanapali.

$41.02 - $399.00
Zoom the coastline with your 'need for speed'.

Kayak Tours on Maui

Maui Kayak Adventures offer a pristine ocean experience.

$45.00 - $1200.00
Save 28.14%
There are beautiful kayaking locations all over Maui.

Kid's Tours And Activities on Maui

What to do in Maui with Kids.  Find out here!

$9.55 - $987.75
Save 27.29%
Maui is an island sized playground for children. We have many great tours for kids.

Luaus And Shows on Maui

Remember to reserve you luau in Maui early.

$64.95 - $317.95
Save 29.26%
Maui is often considered the very best island for luaus. Set aside a night for this activity but book early.

Molokini Snorkeling Tours on Maui

Your Molokini Snorkeling experience can happen from one of our many Molokini Snorkel Tours.

$52.00 - $325.00
Save 21.39%
This is one of the most famous spots for snorkeling in all of Hawaii.

Parasailing Rides on Maui

The Parasailing Maui season is May 16th to Dec.14th.

$41.02 - $257.04
Save 15.5%
Fly like a bird above the ocean with amazing views of the island.

Pearl Harbor Tours on Maui

Pearl Harbor Tours from Maui are very popular.

$35.05 - $2000.00
Save 20.61%
Visit Pearl Harbor from Maui on a one-day tour.

Private Charters & Custom Events on Maui

We organize Maui Private Boat Charters.

$10.00 - $6400.00
Save 46.6%
Organize any type of private tour for your family, small group of friends or corporate event.

Rental Car Packages on Maui

Make certain you have a car rental on Maui.

$45.00 - $1077.50
Having a Rent-a-Car on Maui is the most convenient way to get around.

Sailing Charters on Maui

Sail Maui for the ultimate ocean experience.

$34.65 - $4900.00
Save 37.44%
Maui has all the wind you need and there are lots of sailing boats to accommodate you.

Scuba Diving on Maui

Maui has tons of Maui Scuba Diving Packages.

$35.90 - $2086.15
Save 23.71%
Whether you are an experienced or first-time diver, Maui is the place for a scuba dive adventure.

Sightseeing Boat Tours on Maui

Sightseeing Boat Tours on Maui

$25.90 - $2700.00
Save 33.33%
Perhaps you're interested in just taking a sightseeing boat tour off the coastline of the island without going snorkeling. This is the page where you want to find your Hawaiian tour boat.

Snorkeling Tours on Maui

If you are looking for Maui snorkel tours, we have all the information.

$30.89 - $3297.00
Save 33.85%
This is the number one activity on the island. Maui has many locations, and Lanai and Molokini too!

Spa And Massage Packages on Maui

A Maui Day Spa is a great choice for relaxation on your holiday.

$50.00 - $400.00
Save 13.33%
You're on vacation. Indulge yourself. Maui has the best spas.

Submarine And Glassbottom Boat Tours on Maui

Maui Submarine Tours are educational and fun!

$25.90 - $242.00
Save 14.77%
Check out the 'half of Maui' that's underwater. A great adventure!

Sunset Sails & Cruises on Maui

Maui Sunset Sails are beautiful and fun.

$19.98 - $3500.00
Save 33.33%
This may turn out to be your most memorable two-hours of your vacation.

Surf Lessons on Maui

Maui surf lessons are fun and easy.

$25.00 - $2490.00
Save 19.53%
Hawaii is the home of surfing. Maui has some great surf spots and great surf instructors. Great of kids!

Theater And Shows on Maui

Maui has some great evening shows.

$41.85 - $158.05
Save 13.98%
There is more to do at night on Maui than just a luau. Why not try a magic show?

Tours of Molokai on Maui

Molokai Tours provide an interesting and historical perspective.

$66.25 - $2093.45
Save 34.78%
Take a six hour tour to Molokai and visit the famous and beautiful Father Damien's Leper Colony.

Tours To Lanai on Maui

Almost all the tours of Lanai originate on Maui.

$28.85 - $2700.00
Save 33.85%
Take a boat ride to the island of Lanai for some fantastic snorkeling and/or a tour of the island.

Unique Tours and Activities on Maui

Try some of these Unique Maui Tours and spice up your vacation!

$10.00 - $2872.00
Save 33.33%
Discover the unusual tours that are so special to Maui.

Water Ski And Wake Board Packages on Maui

Hire your own private Maui wakeboarding boat.

$46.85 - $1200.00
This is a great way to get some exercise and have some great fun on the ocean.

Water Sports on Maui

Check out our giant list of Maui Water Sports.

$25.00 - $3297.00
Save 33.85%
Here is a list of all the different water sports you can do on the island.

Weddings And Vow Renewal Packages on Maui

Maui has many wedding planners to help you.

$275.00 - $2095.00
Maui is incredibly popular for weddings. How about a vow renewal while your here?

Whale Watching Tours on Maui

The Maui Whale Watching Season is the busiest of the year.

$19.98 - $2979.00
Save 33.33%
This is Maui's number one activity during the winter months.

X-Treme Activities on Maui

Maui Extreme Activities are not for the faint of heart.

$46.85 - $2290.00
Save 16.88%
Feeling a bit adventurous. Maui can scratch your itch!

Zipline Tours on Maui

Check out our Maui Zipline options.  Over 20 Maui Zipline Tours.

$28.65 - $2150.00
Save 16.81%
Maui was the location of the first zipline in the country. Now we have tons of zipline courses.