Air Tours (Airplane / Fixed Wing) on Maui

Maui Air Tours via airplane are very personalized.

$110.00 - $3200.00
Save 15.01%
Fixed wing air tours on Maui can simply fly over the island of Maui but the most popular of them are those that either include the erupting volcanoes of the Big Island of Hawaii or those that include a tour to Father Damien's Leper Colony on the island of Molokai.

Attractions on Maui

Attractions on Maui

$9.55 - $767.90
Save 13.81%
Maui Ocean Center, Hawaii's Top Rated Family Attraction (Zagat Survey US Family Travel Guide), provides an up close view of Hawaiian Marine Life without getting wet! Maui Ocean Center, the Hawaiian Aquarium, is a great activity during any vacation to Maui, whether a family vacation, a romantic honeymoon, a relaxing retreat or an adventurous tour.

ATV And Off-Road Tours on Maui

Maui Off Road Adventures are very popular.

$73.35 - $582.85
Save 11.25%
In the past All Terrain Vehicles (ATVs) were a popular way to get around on Maui, either on or off the road. These days the traffic laws do not permit ATV's to be ridden on the roads or highways and access to many private off road areas is limited.

Bike Tours on Maui

The Haleakala Bike Tour is unique on this planet.

$24.00 - $1299.00
Save 22.96%
Thousands of downhill biking enthusiasts have experienced this adventure since 1982. Of all the activities on Maui, this bike ride is one of the most unique.

Combo Tour Packages on Maui

Many Maui tours can be sold in combination at discount pricing.

$41.02 - $1495.00
Save 28.14%
We market and sell some tours as "Combination Tours" on Maui. Please keep in mind that as a general rule the differences between two tours bought as a "Combination Tour" instead of two individual tours that were purchased on an "A La Carte" basis normally has more to do with logistics than with pricing.

Cruise Ship Compatible Activities on Maui

We offer the most shore excursions for Pride of America.

$15.00 - $4900.00
Save 36.84%
If you are coming to Maui on a cruise ship then you need to make sure you browse our Maui cruise ship category before you make any reservations for activities during shore leave.

Dinner Cruise on Maui

Maui Dinner Cruises are both fun and relaxing.

$50.00 - $1625.00
Save 20.01%
Dinner cruises usually include: full dinner, an open bar, live entertainment and the best show of all: the islands, the sea, the mountain peaks, clouds, sun, stars, and - as often as heavenly possible - the moon.

Dolphin Tours on Maui

Where can I swim with dolphins on Maui is a most asked question.

$39.99 - $2700.00
Save 28.03%
Unlike Maui's famous Humpback whales, dolphins are year-round residents of Hawaii and can be seen off all the Hawaiian islands during virtually every month of the year.

Excursions on Maui

Take one of our Maui Excursions and enjoy the Maui Tour Packages we have to offer.

$9.55 - $4560.00
Save 46.6%
Maui land tours include tours to Haleakala Crater and to the Iao Valley. We even have land tours that travel one way visiting Hana and then return back to central Maui via helicopter.

Farm Tours & Food Tasting Tours on Maui

The guided Maui Farm Tour and Maui Food Tour you've never taken before.

$47.95 - $2150.00
All roads lead to a great magical day of many delicious food tastings and great information when you're on a Maui Farm Tour or a Maui Food Tasting Tour.

Fishing Charters on Maui

Maui Fishing Charters offer a fun Maui activity.

$69.25 - $2700.00
Save 11.29%
Maui's deep sea fishing charters usually depart from either Lahaina or Maalaea Harbors. These fishing charters come in 4 hour, 6 hour or 8 hour tours and can be either "share boats" where you go out with other anglers or "private charters".

Golf Courses on Maui

Maui Golf Courses are some of the best to be found in the world.

$51.84 - $315.84
Save 20%
Hawaii is one of the premier golfing destinations on the planet. Once you've experienced a round or two of Hawaiian Golfing you will undoubtedly understand why.

Handicap Accessible Activities on Maui

We offer 100's of Handicap Accessible Tours on Maui.

$9.55 - $2454.00
Save 36.84%
We frequently get asked questions from our clients about the handicap accessibility of our tours. As a result of this we have created category on our website called "Handicap Accessible Tours on Maui".

Helicopter Tours on Maui

Our Maui helicopter tours offer what we refer to as Helicopter Maui 'style' pricing.

$119.00 - $3041.95
Save 36.84%
View isolated valleys, hidden waterfalls, secluded ridges, triple-canopy rainforests, and mountain summits. Some areas are so dense and rugged they are impossible to traverse on foot.

Hiking Tours on Maui

Maui Waterfall hikes top the list of Maui Hiking tours.

$15.00 - $2290.00
Save 22.53%
Maui has more hiking trails per square miles than most National Parks. Tours are available to visit the crater floor of Haleakala which will take a full day or less strenuous tours will take you to beautiful waterfalls throughout the island.

Horseback Riding Tours on Maui

Horseback Riding Maui 'style' is very popular on the island.

$75.00 - $470.00
Save 11.59%
Riding stables and working ranches are located from Kapalua in West Maui to Makena in South Maui and from Waihee Valley to Hana. All will want to know your level of experience so you can be matched up with a horse that will be appropriate.

Hunting Tours on Maui

Hunting in Hawaii is very popular with visiting mainland hunters.

$140.65 - $468.95
Hunters in Hawaii has access to some of the finest hunting grounds on Earth. The temperate climate and abundant rainfall allow pigs, goats, sheep and deer populations to thrive.

Inter Island Tours on Maui

Take a day trip from Maui to the Big Island or from Maui to Pearl Harbor.

$28.85 - $3200.00
Save 11.93%
On Tom Barefoot's website, tours and activities that you see on any of the Hawaiian islands are available to you through "Car" and "Over-Night" packages.

Jet-Ski Rentals on Maui

Ride your Maui Jet Ski like a motorcycle on the water at the Maui Jet Ski Rental course in Kaanapali.

$41.02 - $399.00
The calm, warm waters off the beautiful white sand beaches of Kaanapali are the playground for the Maui Jet Ski tours. A Huge demarcated 400 acre sized chunk of ocean off the coast makes the perfect race track for a Maui jet ski ride.

Kayak Tours on Maui

Maui Kayak Adventures offer a pristine ocean experience.

$45.00 - $1200.00
Save 28.14%
Kayaking tours are some of the most marine intensive excursions that are offered on Maui. These Maui activities are usually two to three hours in length but can be longer.

Kid's Tours And Activities on Maui

What to do in Maui with Kids.  Find out here!

$9.55 - $1499.00
Save 14.77%
On Maui, even the kids can have fun on tours and activities. Here's a selection of tours and activities specially chosen for kids. Kids will love these exciting tours and activities in Maui: submarine tours, hiking tours, swimming and seeing dolphins, horseback riding, and exciting beach activities.

Luaus And Shows on Maui

Remember to reserve you luau in Maui early.

$64.95 - $317.95
Save 29.26%
A party. Food, drink, dance, music and much aloha. Hawaii is the only place where you can attend truly authentic Hawaiian luaus. Maui is well known to have some of the very best luaus in the State of Hawaii.

Molokini Snorkeling Tours on Maui

Your Molokini Snorkeling experience can happen from one of our many Molokini Snorkel Tours.

$41.90 - $325.00
Save 21.39%
Molokini Island Crater is actually the tip of an extinct volcano, barely peeking above the ocean surface between Maui and Kahoolawe. Visibility is often 150 feet, tropical fish are everywhere, and its sheer cliffs and rugged beauty are often the focus of professional photographers.

Parasailing Rides on Maui

The Parasailing Maui season is May 16th to Dec.14th.

$41.02 - $257.04
Save 14.38%
I parasail at least once a year in Maui. I can't help it. My son makes me go up with him and he loves it. The truth is, I love it too. Maybe it's the exhilaration of take-off, or the view from so high, or just the sense of soaring through the air and the age-old fantasy of flight.

Pearl Harbor Tours on Maui

Pearl Harbor Tours from Maui are very popular.

$35.00 - $2000.00
Save 16.94%
Are you staying on the island of Maui but would like to visit Pearl Harbor? Tom Barefoot's Tours can make it happen with our one day tours to Pearl Harbor that depart from the island of Maui.

Private Charters & Custom Events on Maui

We organize Maui Private Boat Charters.

$10.00 - $6400.00
Save 46.6%
We offer the best activities on Maui at the most competitive prices anywhere. We can arrange virtually any custom tour package that you can imagine!

Rental Car Packages on Maui

Make certain you have a car rental on Maui.

$45.00 - $1077.50
Maui Rental car packages.

Sailing Charters on Maui

Sail Maui for the ultimate ocean experience.

$34.65 - $5500.00
Save 28.03%
The stiff Maui's trade winds provide for great Maui sailing trips. If the notion of Maui sails intrigues you, you've come to the right spot. The Maui sailing climate and prevailing winds provide the best possible sailing environment.

Scuba Diving on Maui

Maui has tons of Maui Scuba Diving Packages.

$35.90 - $2086.15
Save 12.11%
There are many wonderful scuba diving spots on Maui. Probably the best known is Molokini crater. Many people snorkel there but scuba divers have a much wider range.

Sightseeing Boat Tours on Maui

Sightseeing Boat Tours on Maui

$25.90 - $1000.00
Save 13.84%
Perhaps you're interested in just taking a sightseeing boat tour off the coastline of the island without going snorkeling. This is the page where you want to find your Hawaiian tour boat.

Snorkeling Tours on Maui

If you are looking for Maui snorkel tours, we have all the information.

$30.89 - $5500.00
Save 28.14%
There's a reason people love snorkeling on Maui. The ocean waters surrounding Maui and its neighbor islands of Lanai and Molokini are comfortably warm, have great visibility (often in excess of 100 feet), and are teeming with beautiful coral formations and colorful tropical fish.

Spa And Massage Packages on Maui

A Maui Day Spa is a great choice for relaxation on your holiday.

$50.00 - $400.00
Spas are Hawaii's hottest trend. The islands are the perfect place to experience an authentic spa that simply makes you feel fantastic! Treat yourself to a visit at one of Maui's day spas.

Submarine And Glassbottom Boat Tours on Maui

Maui Submarine Tours are educational and fun!

$25.90 - $242.00
Save 14.77%
When was the last time you were on a submarine? Never? If you're one of the few who have been on a submarine, I'll bet it didn't have windows! Here's your chance to board a $4.

Sunset Sails & Cruises on Maui

Maui Sunset Sails are beautiful and fun.

$19.98 - $3500.00
Save 22.68%
Many vessels on Maui can take you on a sunset cruise, most leaving from Lahaina harbor. Catamarans, sloops, schooners, and even power vessels - no matter what boat on Maui you take, one thing is certain, it will be the beginning of an evening you will remember for a long time to come.

Surf Lessons on Maui

Maui surf lessons are fun and easy.

$25.00 - $2490.00
Save 19.53%
Hawaii and surfing are inseparable to many people. After all, it was the sport of the ancient Hawaiians and is even more popular today. Maui's abundant coastline offers big waves for veteran surfers and spots suitable for beginners.

Theater And Shows on Maui

Maui has some great evening shows.

$41.85 - $158.05
Save 13.98%
For years entertainment on Maui in the evenings was limited to luaus or dinner cruises. This is not the case today as Maui has some world class theatrical presentations and shows that rival those of many of the artistic and sophisticated cities on the mainland.

Tours of Molokai on Maui

Molokai Tours provide an interesting and historical perspective.

$66.25 - $372.75
Save 15.01%
Of the three islands that make up Maui County, Molokai stands out as having the closest link to old Hawaii. In many ways, landing on Molokai today is similar to arriving on Maui 25 or 30 years ago.

Tours To Lanai on Maui

Almost all the tours of Lanai originate on Maui.

$28.85 - $5500.00
Save 17.15%
In the 1800's Lanai was purchased by the Dole family and became the major producer for the Dole Pineapple Company. This role has diminished in recent years and Lanai has now taken a front seat in the tourist industry.

Unique Tours and Activities on Maui

Try some of these Unique Maui Tours and spice up your vacation!

$10.00 - $2872.00
Save 22.96%
Sometimes you just can't fit a square peg in a round hole. We have accumulated here on this page a few of the activities we offer on the island that just don't seem to fit in any of the traditional categories.

Water Ski And Wake Board Packages on Maui

Hire your own private Maui wakeboarding boat.

$46.85 - $1200.00
Many people don't realize that wake boarding and water skiing is not just something you do on lakes and rivers. The warm oceans of Maui are a very nice place to ride too.

Water Sports on Maui

Check out our giant list of Maui Water Sports.

$25.00 - $5500.00
Save 28.14%
Surfing was a sport of the ancient Hawaiians and is even more popular in Maui today. Maui's abundant coastline offers big waves for surfing veterans and surfing spots suitable for beginners.

Weddings And Vow Renewal Packages on Maui

Maui has many wedding planners to help you.

$275.00 - $2095.00
Our wedding coordinators work with the best photographers, videographers, florists, musicians and purveyors to assist in planning just want you want. These packages can be easy, simple and affordable.

Whale Watching Tours on Maui

The Maui Whale Watching Season is the busiest of the year.

$19.98 - $2979.00
Save 22.68%
Narration and interpretation of whale movements are provided on Maui whale watching boats. You'll find yourself wanting to know more about these fascinating creatures.

X-Treme Activities on Maui

Maui Extreme Activities are not for the faint of heart.

$24.00 - $3500.00
Save 16.88%
Interest in extreme tours and activities on Maui is growing rapidly. Enjoy paragliding or a zipline adventure or even wakeboarding.

Zipline Tours on Maui

Check out our Maui Zipline options.  Over 20 Maui Zipline Tours.

$28.65 - $2150.00
Save 16.81%
Zipline tours are a fairly recent activity to appear on Maui, but Maui zipline tours are certainly one of the most popular activities on Maui and are often booked weeks in advance.