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Private Charters - Scotch Mist Sailing Charters

There have been 2 reviews written about the Private Charters with Scotch Mist Sailing Charters.

Average Product Rating: 4.5 / 5

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  • Not available Oct 27-Nov 13, 2019 for yearly maintenance DRYDOCK
  • It's your private charter.  Choose where you want to go.
  • Departs from Lahaina Harbor
  • 50 ft Santa Cruz sailing yacht.
  • 18 passengers
  • You choose the length of cruise time and departure time

Makalia Juarez
The tour was really great. They were SUPER attentive to our every need and super sweet! I was a little upset that the people who I talked to, to book the charter told me a couple of things that were completely wrong. They tried to sell me catering and an open bar which they all said would be extra and when we arrived, the crew had wonderful food and an open bar which was included in the price of the charter. The crew was amazing and the trip was wonderful.

Lisa Cooper
This trip was a lot of fun; my husband and I along with our wedding guests enjoyed this as a relaxing final activity after a busy wedding weekend. We got to enjoy each others company on a beautiful boat enjoying the ocean and lovely scenery. The captain and first mate put us at ease and were both attentive and pretty humorous. We had a really nice time.