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Smiths Tropical Paradise Luau - Smith's Tropical Paradise

There have been 24 reviews written about the Smiths Tropical Paradise Luau with Smith's Tropical Paradise.

Average Product Rating: 4.9 / 5

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  • Located on 30 lush acres along the Wailua River near Kapaa in East Kauai.
  • Come early and explore the beautiful tropical plants on acres of property along the river before the luau.
  • Imu ceremony, open bar, beer, wine and Mai Tai's.
  • Traditional Hawaiian buffet.
  • Entertainment will be held at the outdoor pavilion especially designed for this event. 
  • 3 hour duration.
  • 500 guest capacity.

Wonderful family run luau on beautiful grounds. They had good food and put on a great show. I had a great evening!

Tim Armour
Very good event. Beautiful grounds and the dinner was excellent. All you can eat buffet with hot great food. The show was good as well. We enjoyed a great evening.

Kyle Engelsman
One of my favorites awesome show, views, food and drinks everything was good.

Sandra Wells
This luau was the best. This is an experience you can't miss. We felt like family and the food was excellent. The show was amazing.

Amanda Duncan
My husband and I went here for our honeymoon in March. It was a lot of fun. The grounds are very pretty and all the staff very friendly. It did start raining pretty good during the show but it was still a really good show. I would definitely recommend. The purple potato was delicious!

Tasha Steffes
Great! Glad we did it!!!

Patricia Karver
Is the boost tide on the river at the smith luai before the luau?

Jordan Steedman
We had a great time at Smith's Tropical Paradise! The ork and rice pudding were amazing! :)

Fredia Hixson
We loved it very intertaining

Tasha Steffes
This was one of the more fun activities we did! I'm so glad we went! Great experience!!!!

Amy Ray
Great food, great show, beautiful garden

Shannon Durham
Great food. Great tour. Great show

Kara Taff
Great Luau show. It was a blissful evening filled with great food great hospitality beautiful lush full green grounds.

Kristen Empsall
The Smith Family were so welcoming and hospitable even though the group was large. The food was very tasty and they had quite a variety. The luau was also amazing! Had such a great evening.

Adam Wing
This luau was unbelievable! The grounds were beautifully manicured, the food was fantastic and the show was even better. I would highly recommend this to anyone that wants to attend a luau for their first time or even their second time. This is family run and is very well organized.

Charles Courtney
This was a wonderful experience. The grounds were beautifully landscaped and the botanical tram ride was very scenic. I was so pleased to find it very organized and separate areas for all the individual events. We thoroughly enjoyed the mai ti's and wine. It wasn't real bad to get our drinks was able to get them quickly. The only unfortunate thing was that we didn't get any coffee no servers were at our table serving coffee. We did have plenty of bus staff that was picking up and cleaning the tables. The singers on the stage were very entertaining and enjoyable. I really appreciated that a prayer was said over the receiving of the food. I hope that is a practice that will continue. All of the food was geat tasting and a good quality. There was an abundance and you literally could eat as much as you wanted. The show as done so creatively. It proved to be an authentic hawaiin show. If we travel to Hawaii again we will be going to Kuaui and would book this Luau again. This is a Luau all should experience

Debbi Markey
This was a wonderful experience for my family. The grounds/surroundings added to the entire atmosphere of a magnificent Luau. The food, drink and entertainment get 5 stars. A must for all ages. Took a 6 & 8 yr. old , they loved it too.This was a wonderful experience for my family. The grounds/surroundings added to the entire atmosphere of a magnificent Luau. The food, drink and entertainment get 5 stars. A must for all ages. Took a 6 & 8 yr. old , they loved it too.

Kevin Dressler
Outstanding! The best luau in the State. Great food and drinks. Fantastic show. Warm and inviting hospitality unsurpassed anywhere else in the State. HIGHLY recommend to everyone. Best part of our Hawaiian vacation

Bob Regazzi
We really enjoyed the luau. The grounds were beautiful, the staff extremely friendly, the food was delicious and the show entertaining. The owners took the time to chat with a number of us. I highly recommend it.

Beth Shackelford
Perfect luau with beautiful grounds! The open bar hour was a nice extra, too!

Julie Thiede
Excellent food, amazing gardens, awesome show only negative thing I can say is that it poured down rain just before show started and the seats were very very wet other than that it was an amazing show

Sue Ann Sibbald
Well done. Beautiful grounds. Nice tour. Great food and drinks. No long wait lines. The show was great. Loved the promtou luau lesson from dinner entertainment. We also took the fern grotto river cruise. Great package. Highlight of our vacation.

Michael Humphreys
Best Luau ever! From beginning to end. The tour before was very informative. The layout was very inviting and comfortable. Staff were friendly. And then there were the free drinks of course! I really enjoyed the performances and even got up on stage myself to participate. All in all I loved every minute. Will definitely recommend to our friends and family when they visit Kauai. This is the Luau to go to, you won't be disappointed.

Shanon Deyerle
The family was the greatest part of this experience for me. They take great
pride in their luau experience and grounds, and all work together to make you
feel like an appreciated guest. The food was delicious, grounds were pretty, and
the show was entertaining. I'd recommend getting there early and walking around
instead of taking the shuttle around as you will get to experience more that
way. And go visit the goats!

Lisa Burgert
Beautiful property, excellent food & show. Everyone who works at Smith's was so
nice and helpful.  A wonderful evening!